Time to flip or not?

9 weeks old


Are those autos if so you dont have to flip them u leave them on a 18/6 cycle but if there photoperiod plants yah flip them to 12/12

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They are photos, wasn’t sure if I wanted to let them fill out a little more, wanted the lowers to catch up.most are there already

Look its up to you they will stretch alot more as they go into flower,have u done much lst training or super cropping are thinking about a scrog net

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It mostly depends on how much room you have available for them to stretch, just remember the plants will probably double in height once you switch the light schedule. You can always tie down your taller branches to let the other short ones to catch up


They have been topped once and are tied down

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They look really good and have quite a few tops that will have flowers, good job on training. I can’t see what’s underneath there, but you can push n pull the branches side to side to allow light to get to the lower branches so they will grow a little better. You can keep them in veg as long as you want just don’t forget the stretch because you can get in trouble if you run out of space height wise

Edit oops you added a picture now I can see more


Here’s an example of how I prep to switch to flower

Before n after