Time to drop the seeds.......2nd time round


There she is :slight_smile: was wondering what was up with you as well the lady bug Ili know are good but does it mean it’s there because there is something for it to eat hope life slows down for you if that’s what you want


The girls are on weeks 5&6 of flower, smelling devine and looking frosty :heart_eyes: so without furthur adue i bring you the girls in all their glory :slight_smile: happy viewing!!
Lil Miss





Oh my you’ve shaved lil miss all the way up to her nether bits lol. The ladies are looking good. It looks like you’re getting closer to the end.


I know :see_no_evil: I had no choice the fans are turning yellow quicker than I would like but she is on the right path for sure, they all are :ok_hand: The bank penny&Star came from says 7-8 weeks flower time :thinking: Well in that case only 2 left to go eh… :sunglasses:
Lil Miss is a bagseed in a tiny pot so who knows with her :smirk:


Yeah they probably still have a bit to go but they’re definitely getting closer. But I’m no judge at time. Still trying to figure that part out. But I’m sure it’ll come with practice at growing more.


Heeeyyy look at your gals how’s life been has everything slowed down for you …btw everything looks awsome girl! Like the bushy girl on the bottom I think penny 2 :muscle::muscle: we cut the satellite grow op at my buddy’s were looking so nice


Yup everyone is creeping and swelling. Frosty a** sugar leaves EVERYWHERE! Lookin good lady. And Star and Lil Miss are straight up yummy looking


You have to be dang near done… Check up with us girl


She prolly still trimming ish :joy::joy::joy: