Time to drop the seeds.......2nd time round


No, no gnats, hopefully i wont get them but if i do i wont need to ask :wink:

Yes it was the little white dots on the 1st set of true leaves that i was reffering too…


If you look at anything close enough you are bound to find things to make you nervous even if they are perfectly harmless and quite normal :wink:


Thank you all for your help, i feel calmed and reassured now :slight_smile:



I call them baby crystals she looks happy :wink: sorry out of town dealing with some family stuff


No need to apologise, life happens! I Hope the families good.

Thank you for your advice :slight_smile: @Hogmaster


As of last night both penny and star are in their forever 5gal homes, mykos on roots, in they went with a dash of superthrive h20. Penny is feeling very low and im pretty sure its to do with trauma of being knocked over with my fat a$$!! I dont hold out much hope. On the other hand star is thriving and i think she loves her new home.
Im also getting a replacement seed for the one that didnt germ :ok_hand:

Penny not doing too great :frowning:



I dropped mine as a seedling too during a transplant. Felt like I was a bad parent! Lol. You should see her now! The old adage; “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” ,is true for plants too. Lol


“Felt like a bad parent” exactly that!! I was telling her “its gunna b ok” whilst popping her back in! Im sure iv killed her but stranger things have happened!

Do you know why the leaves are browning on penny? No nutes either? They are not crispy just crispy looking, i dont any signs of new growth either unlike star!! I can see her 2nd set of true leaves now :ok_hand:

This is from a 24 hr period once she was transplanted, i think she likey :slight_smile:


Don’t give nutes. Give her time. If you’ve got a little fish emulsion, I’d probably give a half strength mixture just to help with any shock she experienced. But would have given as soon as I got her transplanted. How long has it been since the drop? With penny, it looks like either nute burn or the light may have been to close maybe?


Neither have had nutes, just abit of superthrive last night after transplant, they were both put in coco/perlite on 2/7/18 and broke ground on 4/7/18 they have been under 2 cfls 20w each around 3-4in above pot until yestirday when i put the 400w led on them but i put them higher than the cfls, could it really be light burn? I didnt think cfls were that strong!!


what distance did you have the leds?


Higher than i had the cfls, about 20in away :confused:


I think they suggest 30in for seedlings but 20 isn’t enough to burn them in my opinion. they say the best way to test is to place the back of your hand between the canopy and the light and if it’s uncomfortable to you, its too hot for the plants.


I did the hand test and i couldnt feel any heat from it at 20in so left it, i really dont think that amount of “burn” can happen in 24hrs, can it?
Anyways just incase i have raised it even more to 30in so we shall just have to hope&pray!

I just dont get it, she has had the same treatment as star, she is thriving, standing tall and 2nd set of leaves coming through lush and green.

Could she be hungry?? Maybe i should try a light feed?

Sorry for all the questions :see_no_evil:


No feeding at that size. they dont really need it. what kind of soil you have her in? @MattyBear @dbrn32 @Uncle-Rico tagging some pros.


Some plants just start off slower than others. Relax… no food until her cots yellow and die off. Only ph’d water in small amounts :v:


I’m with him ^


@Drillbit @dbrn32 @MattyBear

I have them both in coco/perlite mix
I have not fed them, just ph water @6.7
PPM out of tap and left for 24hrs is around 200
Thats the thing her cots AND 1st set of true leaves are yellowing and dying off already, thats why im baffled as to what to do so early in the game??


Because your ph is high for a coco perlite mix I would imagine?


That was my mistake its at 5.7 as i read that between 5.5 and 6.5 was ok for coco?