Time to drop the seeds.......2nd time round


Apart from Penny :see_no_evil: shes purple :joy: you aint got one ner ner :stuck_out_tongue:


Ur Gona be eating them words half my roo is purple haze :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


They are some tight nodes to be fair :wink:
Im proper excited for this grow!!


heres one at my buddy’s house out side completely unfed and unkept and here is one of purples at my other buddy’s inside under 1000hps but underfed and neglected from same bag seed mine are he’s about 15 days ahead of me this is an older picture


:see_no_evil::see_no_evil: its on!! :joy::joy:


Looking good for unkept and unfed!


Right I can’t wait to see what mine do being pampered and well fed


My guess is much better :joy: yeild and smoke wise :ok_hand:


Yay lil Miss! She’s such a beautiful study. All are looking good. They must be starting to smell quite nice!


I feel she is going to have one PHAT main!! Starting too? Noooo that happened awhile ago lol
Star is the smelliest thus far!


You’re kicking ass! The ladies look great.


Thank you very much :blush:


Quick update, planned a watering today buuut again time just went and next thing, lights off!! I got pics just in time tho :ok_hand:
some @lights on some @lights off enjoy!!


Beautiful happy plants.


Thank you kind sir :slight_smile:


Cant wait to see what you produce under those custom lights :wink:


Me too. They all got tails and in cubes today. I was worried the one straggler wasn’t going to make it but now it’s the longest one.


Star is looking like 1 frosty lady! Penny too! And love the colors on Lil Miss.

The clones are excellent. Nicely done especially for no hormones. Looking like a pro lady.

Also had some catching up to do… you got a boatload of my likes :joy::rofl::joy::rofl: each one well deserved tho


Wow! They are flowering so fast! Well done :+1:t3:


@DoobieNoobie that one may just suprise you and be your best gal :slight_smile: just be gentle with them, they is fragil!!

@PurpNGold74 i really do apprieciate the love, seeing my girls so small, seems like only yesturday lol
The purple trichs are on penny#2 she is now my fav, it was Lil Miss but she comes in 2nd with her 11 finger leaves :slight_smile:
I be uploading scope shots again tomorrow as i water!

Hardly a pro (thank you for the comliment) none the less a fast inprovement from my last :slight_smile:
Thank you once again

@Mr.Indica i cant believe it either, Lil miss has taken on more of a pointed top now shes fattening up, shes done with her stretch now, im abit worried tho as she is yellowing already, i feel its due to the pot shes in because im giving her nutes at week 4 via the schedule, full dose :confused:
Any ideas?