Time to drop the seeds.......2nd time round


Yay for Indicas! Hehehe you may have noticed I kinda like them :wink:

All the ladies and even anonymous are looking fabulous. Keep up the good work :clap:t3:


Thanks @Mr.Indica
Yes i did notice :wink: id like to have a grow at hindu kush, maybe after my autos! I have amnesia haze auto and white widow auto…just have to get these girls through flower!!


4days untill flip…excited much? :joy:




@Hogmaster i may have to pick your brains on ppms after watering tomorrow if you are around id apprieciate it :slight_smile:

Goodnight/morning where ever you all are :slight_smile:


How long until flip @Wildwest? Should be any day now?


Correct! Well anon is 4weeks tomorrow but im leaving it until the 19th. Star will be 11weeks old exactly!


I shall start with the clones all babies of STAR…i have 4 of which 3 have rooted, and are doing great :slight_smile:
The 2 in the brown pots are the 2 i seperated, on the left no roots (yet) on the right we have roots, im well happy as i didnt use any gel/powder.


Today may well be the last feed in veg before flip in 3days…im going to put ph and ppm info on all plants going into flower, i hope @Hogmaster or anyone else can suggest if my ph and ppm are in the right ranges?
Thank you :slight_smile:


Anonymous is 4weeks today and was given water only ph6.5 didnt check ppms and didnt have enough runoff but i did take pics :slight_smile:


Penny#2 week7+2days she got biogrow and alg-a-mic
Ph6.5 ppm510 IN
Ph6.9 ppm428 OUT


Star is on week10+4days she also got biogrow and alg-a-mic
Ph6.5 ppm 510 IN
Ph6.9 ppm408 OUT


@Hogmaster @garrigan65 @raustin @Countryboyjvd1971 could you please check out my ph and ppms? See if im on the right track? Im flipping in 3days and today will most probably be the last feeding in veg…


Everything looks perfect. You should do a flush before you flip so you can start those Bloom nutes. Also, keep in mind when they go to flower your PPM numbers will, or should be much higher, like 1200.


Flushing them would bring ppms down right, so after flush id want to water with grow&bloom mix yes? Or will that be overkill for the girls?
My ppms have been ridiculously high in past feedings, not that the girls have been bothered but iv tried to tone it down, this is the lowest the runoff has been for awhile!!


Ok, that’s fine. A flush is usually done just before flip, it’s a good practice to follow. So flush, flip and feed with grow and bloom nutes. That should get the PPMs up to where they need to be for flowering.


Ok thanks, so it would go something like this…
Day before flip do flush, day of flipleave them to adjust, day after feed with bloom nutes? OR
Do all three on the same day? The day of flip?

I hope that makes sence @raustin


It really doesn’t matter all that much, but yes, day one flush, next day flip, next day feed. That sounds like a good plan.

You could do everything on the day of flip if that’s easier for you.


Brilliant thank you :slight_smile:


I just did a flush with ‘sledgehammer’ and I just replaced a regular ‘no-nute’ watering with the flush. I did notice they were thirsty a day earlier than expected after the flush.


My GOD!!! You did this under CFL’s? You are the BOMB! I think this is the first pic where I noticed the lighting, they are usually from overhead. You need a GoFundMe for a quality light, you’ll be unstoppable :wink:


Isnt slegdehammer part of the FF line? I wasnt sure if i could mix nutes from different brands? :confused:
I think im gunna do what i said above, flush,flip,feed. Should be ok. Im no stressin just dont want to under/over feed em!