Time to drop the seeds.......2nd time round

Little update…

Went to spray the beans earlier and 1 has broken ground, the special queen, the smallest taproot out of the 3, no signs of the other 2 yet but its only been 2 days.

Stealth mode…

Only for seedlings/clones when i get to it.

Drumroll please…


I am excited a tad, my special queen has broken ground also, still has her coat on (it is abit nippy tonight) but i can see her alright, purple queen is a no show little prima donna!

She is 12ish hours younger than “penny” i shall name this girl…





Awesome! I am along for the journey.

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Welcome @Uncle-Rico

@Drillbit as you requested

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Penny is growing her 1st set of true leaves already but i had to help to help her ever so slightly with her coat and star has popped off her coat with ease :slight_smile:

Still a noshow for purple queen, she was the one with the biggest taproot :see_no_evil:


Thx @Wildwest. Set to watching. What light are you using for the seedlings and for veg?

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No worries @Drillbit welcome to my grow :slight_smile: it is only my 2nd so there will be learning curves along the way :slight_smile:

For lights in seedling im only using a phillips tornado 20w cfl bulb untill they are strong enough to go in my tent with the leds.

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@Budbrother as you requested :slight_smile:

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@HornHead iv read you are growing in coco, this is my 2nd grow but 1st coco grow so i hope you dont mind me tagging u in for if/when i need some guidance?

Like when do i start feeding? Sooo many moxed messages on the inter web!!

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HCG got all my likes already today. :+1:t3: Thanks for the tag.

True set of leaves coming through.


@Not2SureYet can you please assist…i dont wanna mess up!! I have the canna coco a+b also calmag, when do i start feeding them??

Iv tried doing my research 1st but have gotten nowhere fast! Please help a gal out :wink:

I am still new here too. I have started feeding all of mine at 10 days when I transplant them into there final pots. I water them after transplanting. Then the next day I feed at 1/4 strength. I water one day, then feed the next, water then feed. Others feed more often that I do. Once you start feeding. Your plants will let you know quick if they are ok with it. After that, it is kind of a trial and error to see how much you can give them. Remember. better to little food than to much. I haven’t had any issues with how I feed yet at 1/4 strength. I use RO water and do 1 tsp of cal mag per gallon, each watering or feeding till I start to flower. Then I only use cal mag once a week. I know @MattyBear & @Myfriendis410 have both grown in coco. They may be able to help more than I can. I would hate to steer you wrong.


You were the one that gave me advice on coco regarding nutrients, i went and purchased the a+b so just wanted a little run down of how others have started and as your name was the one i could remember reading growing in coco you were the one tagged :wink: thank you so much, i take onboard all advice and experience and figure out what works for me but having the guidlines helps alot :slight_smile:

Thanks for tagging in others too :ok_hand:

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No problem. I think you will like using coco. I will be putting a clone in soil tonight. It will be interesting to see how it goes as I am used to coco.

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The only thing you may do is over feed them depending on your soil but im aure you know this anyway :wink:

@Wildwest how’s it going?! @Not2SureYet you gave good advice. I start feeding in coco as soon as the first 2 leaves yellow up and die off. I’d follow manufacturers feeding schedule with the nutes you are using since they are made specifically for coco. :v:️ Ph to 5.8 and don’t let the coco dry all the way out or it can throw ph out of whack. I was feeding/watering every other day in veg and every day in flower


I completely missed this reply, how the?

@MattyBear its growing not bad thanks :wink: thank you for your advice, so if you wait untill yellowing of 1st leaves you just water with ph water untill then, once the yellowing occurs you feed with cocoa+b nutes? Any other additive? I have calmag and a+b, will i need anything else?
Manufactors says 15-20ml/10l i feel thats too much should it be halfed of 1/4 or?? Im only a week in tomorrow so any help/experience wod ve great :slight_smile:

Thanks you.

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As we approach the end of week1 all is looking good for penny and star…cant say the same for the other gal, she is not wanting to show herself!! May have a dud!

Anyways i will do picture updates every week on a sunday, so without furthur a due heres my girls.