Time to drop the seeds.......2nd time round


@Drillbit i wouldnt go that far just yet, amature is still my title! Lol but thank you for the uplifting compliment :slight_smile:


@Willd i had read that your candy didnt do to well due to the stupid weather and i was looking at my girls thinking damn my girls would be screwed :joy: thank you also for the kind words they are my babies my beauties :slight_smile:


It was watering day for star so she had her shackles removed and a good old glug of h2o, as i was inspecting my girls growth and beauty of course, i caught a glimpse of her that really had me in awe of her…i mean this is just a thing of beauty and i, me, myself created it :heart_eyes: i absoloutely love mary jane and will always do so.

Isnt she lovely (ok im a tad biased :wink: )


Just for comaprison :slight_smile:


She is a beautiful young lady.


@raustin thank you :slight_smile:


I did a little more LSTing today and i love how much progress is happening :heart_eyes: having such tight node spaces makes it a fiddly job but someone gotta do it :sunglasses:

I also FIMed her yesturday, do you guys/gals think i did ok?

Thank you for looking :slight_smile:


Looking fine and dandy Hannah!


So ya think i fimmed her ok then @Willd i thought it maybe a little to low but we shall soon see :slight_smile: thank you for stopping by!


You’ll know soon enough. If you went low it’ll still push 2 new sprouts instead of 4.


The LST is sure going to make her easy to water!


@Wildwest, I hope you don’t mind me posting a question that follows your topic here. It may answer a future question for you as well. I was wondering why it is when you fim, you still get the main top cola? I always top but did a fim on one plant. It kind of defeated the purpose of keeping a level plant for me. Or did I do it wrong.
Thanks :grinning:


Even topping just forces the two side-shoots to become the 2 new cola. My take is that fimming if done wrong, will still at least give you 2 tops, but possibly 4. Once either 2 or 4 sprouts come from the cut, they will continue growing, and could even be topped, fimmed, or trained and will keep getting bigger (and wider) until you switch to flower.


And never forget, FIM stands for “F@#$, I Missed!”

In all honesty, I don’t know why anyone would ‘just’ top (I’m sure there are reasons) but it heals quicker, does at least the same as topping, and if you don’t roll snake-eyes you double your money :slight_smile:


Also, I think, if your fim cut isn’t low enough you’ll end up with one cola and a couple funky leaves. It’s happened to me.


That’s happened to me too @GreenThunder so I just topped the fim and called it good. The purpose of topping/fimming is to slow the growth of the top and force the lower branches to catch up in height to the top. I prefer to top because in my experience it recovers faster. I still fim on occasion too tho :v:


Point, but cut high, and you haven’t really done anything but trim leaves, so you still have the same shoot by each of those stubby leaves, plus the main stem that you really did nothing to.

I wonder if you miss, and that group of shoots (with no shade) do well and are about the same level, after the top grows a few more nodes you could just keep doing it right? I mean, you are basically creating a shade-less environment for those cola, (with small deformed fan leaves) so if the plant survives it, it would have the same effect as pruning shade leaves later. Thoughts?


My thoughts is im completely confused :see_no_evil:

I assumed that topping the plant between nodes,where growth has already happened,will make the branches at the “v” where they meet the stem shoot out creating 2 main tops.
By FIMing your cutting the new growth meaning that the 2 “v” branches just below the cut will grow at a similar pace therefore creating 4 main tops (if done correctly) thats what my brain is telling me anyway :see_no_evil:


This is my fim on star…
Fresh doo

4days later

She is so bushy its hard to tell whats happening :see_no_evil:

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This is penny#2 she will be going into her big girl pot soon she is 5.5in tall and leaf2leaf is 9in…i have good feelings about her :heart_eyes: