Time to drop the seeds.......2nd time round

Everything that is needed has arrived so lets get on with the grow :laughing:

Iv dropped 3 seeds (not ILGM unfortunately) but they are in their 24hr bath as i type.

3 different strains: purple queen, special kush and special queen

Final homes will be 5gal fabric pots with coco and perlite.

Nute line will be canna coco A+B

I will be updating this journal as i go, feel free to tag alone for the ride, lets see if i can put all the advice i have gathered into good use :wink:



Along for the ride please feel free to tag me along the way!

Happy growing


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Awesome stuff i will tag as i grow :wink:

Peeking in. Best of luck on ur grow

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@Wildwest Good Luck on your 2nd time around. Like they say if you don’t succeed the first time, try - try again. Are you growing in a tent or outside, if outside is there time for them to grow to there full potential ? I’ll be watching your grow and if you could I would if you would tag me , I learn more from other’s grow , I think I’ve learned more here on this forum than I did from the “BIBLE” !!
Happy growing and Good Luck :+1:



Thank you @MBgrower and @PurpNGold74

I was born to try try again :slight_smile:

I should have stated that :see_no_evil: my bad! Im indoors, unfortunately where i live is very much not legal!! I would love to be able to grow outdoors, i look at all the lovely trees people are growing in their back gardens and i want afew trees too :frowning:

I will happily tag along anyone who wants in altho im not very good with names :joy:

I completely agree, i have gained soo much valuable information/advice just from this forum alone, any other have not come close IMO.

No doubt i will need help along the way but im comforted in the knowledge that this forum exists lol.

Happy Growing :ok_hand:


Not all outdoor grows are trees :joy::sob::Granted, this WAS my first grow. Many noobie mistakes made, many hard lessons learned.

Lowryder Autoflowering planted May 1, sprouted May 5. Tallest out of the 4 is only 10" tall.


Aw wow that is a ‘low’ ryder lol i dont assume everyone is growing trees as i know there is height limitations and what not but i have seen them (via videos) being grown as such, like little forrests out the back :heart_eyes:

I only have one grow under my belt and currently smoking, grown in soil (miracle grow, 1st BIG mistake) with biobizz nutes and plastic pots!! This time im going coco using canna coco nutes and fabric pots! So hoping i have the upper hand this time round :wink:


I did MG too…hardest lesson learned.

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:joy::joy: we are not alone either, if i see anyone asking about medium i direct them away from it!!save them making my mistake!

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@Wildwest , I 'm so glad I bought my from ILGM and started a grow journal last season. I had such a great grow and HUGE yield, Me and my husband smoke everyday and we are still using what I grew last year, I even got rid of some. I know I wouldn’t be so comfortable this season without the knowledge and the willingness of some extremely nice people that helped me along the way. Because I have such great support , I really mixed things up this season. Last year I grew outside but in fabric pots, I did make my own soil but this year I’m growing straight in the ground. I had to learn how to prep my soil and I decided to try out growing Auto’s , they are in fabric pots. I’m already getting ready for next seasons grow, compost , chicken manure that has to be composted, if not it’s to hot for MJ and will burn.
I read and reread every comment , concerns and suggestions - Sometimes the replies can get confusing because everyone has their own way of doing things, I do my research and choose what is good for me with what I have available to me.
The only stupid question is the one not asked !!! I’m very lucky that it’s legal here in MA , and I live in a farming and fishing community. I can through a rock into the Ocean, LOL unfortunately I’m allergic to the SUN - love my Irish skin.
Plus I live on 10 1/2 acres with no neighbors , behind the property the land is preserved and behind that are 100’s of acres of farms.
Please don’t hesitate to ask me any question , although I’m a newbie I have learned a lot and would love to help , if I can
Good Luck & Happy Growing :herb:



For a noob you sure are on top form :ok_hand:
I think if i was in a state where it was legal i would also be learning about preping soil and mixing manures/ferts and the like but as its not legal i have to watch my back. I have gathered some very sound advice that i will be putting to good use on this grow :slight_smile: i know exactly what im growing aswell, the last grow was unknown bag seed and my “can do” attitude resulted in where i am today lol.
I have loved being apart of this forum and reading everyones experiences and grows both indoor and out makes me very jealous of the people on the other side of the pond!!
Thank you for your hand of help and i will be sure to @ you when i need :slight_smile:

Happy Growing Stay High


Soooo as im here i will let you know where im at, we have all 3 seeds now in paper towels soaking for that all important taproot and its looking like purple queen will be making the first move :slight_smile:


@Wildwest , Knowing the strain you are growing makesxa big difference , I know your going to have a very successful grow. Don’t be to jealous about the other side of the Pond , both indoor &outdoor has there own challenges , You have total control of lights , so I can only grow gor a gew months and you can grow all year. I’m learning to get the most of the season , one of the reasons I grew Auto’s & I’m cloning , trying to learn to grow Quality instead on Quantity.
But real close to having my husband but up a full size greenhouse , if he can have a 2 ton excavator than I can have a greenhouse , LOL

MBgrower :grinning:


Hey there Wildwest! I had dropped 5 Blackberry Kush and got sprouts in 3 days… dropped 5 Pure Indica 3 shot sprouts and 2 never took or cracked? any thoughts… and yup I did get em from ILGM… shot em a note also…

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Heya kajuntrax i am unsure of any safe methods to get a seed going, i am no means a pro but i have read that some seeds just take longer to pop than others. How long have they been in soak? Did you use paper towel after the soak? I used bergmans germination process and all 3 have tap roots and are planted in solo cups. Il see if i can find the link and post it for ya :sunglasses:

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Hope this helps? If not you can always check out the bible…google robert bergman and your in for a real treat of knowledge :wink:

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Progress shots…
Planted @ 2/7/18 17:50


yup did that, I let em soak for 24 hrs and 3 dropped, the other two cracked at day 5 with the root starting to show… put em in unscented clean paper towel soaked in good H2o for over two weeks not keeping good and moist but still no roots ( growth that is still the same just showing.) still now growth…?

I am but a noob im afraid so thats something for the experts… @garrigan62 @latewood