Time to defoliate?

If im recalling correctly, MOAB is essentially mole ass and a few other additives no? Why add both?

Imo moleass is best used with mykos (bacteria) and if ur not ensuring the herd’s health, there’s little effect from adding ‘Unsulphurd Blackstrap’

That’s what I was explaining there completely different purposes but tied in but dont get used evenly

Out of the tap its 8-9.

Adding my veg nutes it drops to the 5’s usually.

Adding veg and bloom ive seen a ton of readings in the 4’s. No idea why, but always been the case using Fish Emuls, Thrive N (dry emuls), megacrop… basically anything ive used

Lol… I actually asked previously, in this post, if I should use molasses & Moab at the same time…lol. I’m almost certain using the latter is what f7cked me.:roll_eyes::woman_facepalming:t5:

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Think i remember that. Id remove the mole ass and go with MOAB. It has extra goodies to help boost blooming.

Lods of P and K. 0-50-30 NPK. Sp that’s definitely better then just the mole. I dont see why it would case ur pH to skyrocket tho… that is very strange.

On another note. When did you last calibrate your pH pen?

Another reason I say use chemical reagent… if you dont know what your target ph should be when you mix nutes and you get a high reading when you should be getting a low you wouldn’t know and you would adjust accordingly and you might be screwi g up worse and not have the slightest clue but you can back check with color reagent just a drop will tell you if you above or below what your pens saying VERY EASILY and cheap and never fails

I dojt use a pen I ONlY use reagent I get em for free from my hyrmdro store dude every time I go in …a bottle last a year and I got 3 un opened so …I’m good

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Can feel that man. Honestly I only check pH every so often. Actually I check runoff more often then I do my nutrient solution because im so used to mixing it. That and going organic… ive had ph in the low 5’s and gotten burnt tips.

But I digress. PH is the root of all evil. Get you a good pen and a backup way to double check for situations like this. Itll pay off in the long run @DaygoGal420