Time roots stay in soaking in the solution


Wondering how long should I allow the roots to stay in the nut solution? I’m going to use a top fed system with a drain to empty each site once watering is done. To be clear one pump drips solution from reservoir to top of plants until sites fill. That pump shuts off and drain pump turns on to bring solution back to reservoir. I understand it depends on the time needed to drain through medium and roots, but should I leave the roots soaking for any time or drain as soon as sites fill to net pot level.


With enough O2 pumped in the nutrients mix, the plant can remain indefinitely suspended within (DWC style).


my solution is receiving o2 in reservoir not each site should I change it and put a stone in each site so the roots get constant o2.


If I understand what you are doing; It is not the way to run DWC. It is not a good idea to leave roots dangling in air. Solution should always be full up to net pot. A common aquarium air pump and air stone should be inserted into the site to provide Oxygen to the roots.


My thought was to o2 the reservoir and pump that to the sites. From what I’m hearing I’m backwards. I’m having problems wrapping my mind around the complete setup. I want my roots nourished, I have 4 5 gal buckets win 6" net pots, one 20 gal reservoir, one air pump with 2 ports, 2 1000 gph submers water pumps, 1 extra 5 gal bucket, I have 1/2" lines and 1/4" lines, I have accessories for both 1/2" and 1/4" lines, I have cooler and inline pump to run solution through if it gets to hot.


Yea that won’t work. You need actual oxygen to be pumping into each and every bucket, not just the reservoir.