Time of planting

After reading a bunch of articles and what not the girls harvest in the fall right? If so does that mean the best time the start the seedling and germination process(indoors)is in the summer or could I start it anytime of the year

A bunch of them have just started a new inside grow

Go through new topics in forem to see

You would want to start your photo sensitive plants as early as possible after the last frost

many autoflowers finished quickly so they may be started at various times with consideration given to finishing them before first frost
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if you are doing the complete grow indoors it can be done all year round. If you want an outdoor grow you would want to wait until spring before you germ…maybe later pending space and stealth requirements…would suck to plant too early and get an eight foot tall plant when you only have a five foot tall fence…unless of course it is completely legal in your neck of the woods.

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I would suggest reading this grow bible…

Are you planning on doing only the germination and seedlings indoor? Or the entire grow? I wasn’t clear on that.

Indoor can be done anytime since you control the lighting and environment. If you plan on moving your seedlings outdoor, you will want to time your schedule for germination with your area.

I start mine early since I don’t buy feminized seeds. This allows me to determine sex before my vegging season. It’s also a good time to start auto-flowers so you can get a harvest in the Summer.

@paranorman is correct about frost. About 2 weeks before the last frost for your area.

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