"time of day" to harvest?

Based on the light cycle, is it best to harvest at the beginning or end of any particular cycle?
i.e. at the end of the dark cycle?

This is what latewood said! So I will do this soon!


Thanks! I figured there was some “the sap rises” yada yada. I’m good with “right before lights on” :wink:

Makes sense, with the nuggies doing their rebuilding and fattening overnight.

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@M4ur @Whodat66… I agree with m4ur… Everything I’ve read says to harvest before lights come on or sun up… Seems to be that plant draws up sugars, starches etc… And when you dry plant, this is what we are trying to get rid of…So better to harvest plant with less of these byproducts

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I agree best to do it either before the lights come on or right when the lights come on.inisialy do ornate after the light switch have come on.

I usually do it in the am my self @Whodat66