Time it takes roots to drink


Let’s say Ph, nutrition, water is perfect, also there is a drain in the bottom of container. When water is poured on planting medium how long should it take for liquid to reach bottom.


@cook7200 it would depend on how dry the plants were when they were watered and also on the type of medium and how well it drains.
It shouldn’t take long for it to reach the bottom of the pot if the medium is properly draining.
In my experience using sunshine mix #4 without any extra perlite in 5 gallon buckets it takes about a half gallon of water and a few minutes before I see any water coming out the bottom of the container. But again depending on how dry the medium is it will fluctuate slightly.


on mine 5 gallon of FF Happy Frog it takes well over a gallon of slow watering. If I pour it too fast it will go right thru the soil/ The goal is to water slow so the water is absorbed and then once it reaches its max it will runoff. @cook7200


Adding a good drain in bottom, a fan to exercise the plants and waiting until roots in germation and seed container come out bottom has created much better plants. Bigger main stem, more and bigger bud is the results, thanks for the help. One day these weeds will teach me the best way they like to grow. I am finding that every time I begin a new grow the plants teach me how to do better the next grow. The plants also teach me they are able to withstand my mistakes and bounce back. Happy winter growing.