Time frame for these autos

Okay so my autos are like 62 days in right now and the buds seem like they are small like not filling out… they still have time right ? Hoping they bulk up a put some weight on , this is my first grow so not 100 percent sure about everything quite yet . I’ve read they normally take about 75-80 days ? Thanks in advance everyone

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Please take photos in natural light and or camera flash on the phone. Just make sure the grow lights are off.

My autos took almost 4 months to finish.


62 days from sprout or 62 days from start of flowering?

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Really need a pick to tell you, I’m growing autos right now. It’s my first auto flower run too. I’ll send a pic I think mine will be done in 2 weeks but the rate of bud growth is happening faster than I expected there outdoor now but back when they could fit in my trunk they were getting HPS 600 watt at night with a 2 hour break before sun was up and I took them to a secure close outdoor location

From sprout

I’ll take pics when I get home everyone just was trying to ease my mind

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OK, best is to count days from when you see flowers appear. Do you know how long ago that was?

At 62 days I’d imagine you are no more than about 4 weeks into flower which means youve got at least that long left to go. Plenty of time to grow flowers.


yeah I don’t know when that is man I’m just hoping they get more weight to them I feed them well etc , so I can continue feeding them etc? I really appreciate it with all the useful info

We’ll need pics in order to help. Everyone would just be guessing without pics. All plants time lines are a little different. Impossible to tell where yours are without a photo.

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I know sorry guys I’ll be out of work at five and will take some

Here’s one that I have on my phone this was from a few days ago if this helps , see what I mean they are super small and I see guys plants that it’s one solid cola

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@Nate1988 Looking good! We’ll be able to see your plants better however in natural light if you take em outta the tent for pictures instead of under the grow lights! :grin:


Yeah I’ll take some new ones

Hey Nate,

Photo is good enough to see what you’re talking about. So question – What type of light are you running?

It looks like you’re still pretty early off in flower. Those should fill in, yes. Do they smell yet? Just a ballpark guess but it looks like you’re in week 3-4ish of flowering? The smell usually starts around week 5. Also around week 5ish (of flowering), you plants will stop growing in height but the buds will start to fill out.

I definitely wouldn’t be bummed out yet. Lots more time to go.


I have the Mars hrdro ts 1000 and they haven’t gotten bigger in awhile just budding as far as smell you can definitely smell them but not like crazy , I figured they had some time to go yet

Ok, so that’s not a bad light. How many plants do you have under it? That light is ideal for 1 plant. Two + and you might get stretchy, lanky results. Not trying to be ‘that guy’ and poo poo on what you got growing. I still believe they’re going to fill out much more as you have a good amount of time left.

My first grow, I tried putting two plants under a sf-1000 (spider farm) and the results were one plant that took over the grow room, the other tall, lanky, and gave me 8 grams dry weight. The big plant gave me 4 oz.

These are just my opinions and other growers might be able to guide you more but I’ll let you know now that they’re going to want more pictures of your grow tent/plants. :wink:

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Yeah I messed up I have five in my tent :man_facepalming: And I’m on my way home now and I’ll take some I have to feed tonight anyway , how much longer do you think time wise ?

I know you’re not gonna like this answer lol but…I don’t see any amber hairs in your pic. You’re still pretty early in flower if you ask me…A month +? I know that sucks to hear. Sucks to wait. Especially if you aren’t happy with how it’s going. Keep us posted man. You should be happy you at least got something to grow and learned a lot from it.


Definitely learned a lot yeah they have been out of the soil for 64 days I removed a lot of the fan leaves last night to get more light in the bud sites , I have one amnesia haze that’s super bushy just started flowering like a week ago , so your thinking like 3 weeks more ?

Yeah, somewhere around there. Once the amber pistils start, it goes fairly quickly. 3 weeks to a month? Again, just a ball park. On your next grow, write down exactly when you first see pistils starting to pop. It’s not so much how long it’s been out of the soil, but how long it’s been in flower to tell when it might be done.

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