Time frame for bank to process order

Hello, how long does it take for money to be processed through bank? been waiting several hours, is that normal?

it is. it is most likely an international transaction and they can sometimes take up to 48 hours to complete…usually not, but sometimes…it can help to shoot an email to customer service with your order information and let them know the payment has been made…so they know to look for it.

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awesome, thanks

I placed my order for seeds yesterday got both confirmation emails today one sale confirmation ne saying my seeds are on the way woo hoo even faster than the last time

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so it’s like a 24 hr turn around… cool

Took 2 days for me
Depends on your card your bank international transfer times differ on locations

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Mine went through in 24 hours and my order was shipped the next day. I’m very pleased so far, just waiting on the mail man now.