Time for some help

Thanks. Just starting to get worried about the last few weeks and not screwing it up with nutrients, mildew and flushing them. I read that I should wait until the last week to flush when using coco. Ill give it another week or 2 before I do

In coco I flush for 1-2 weeks. Just depends where I’m at with things. One week is probably quite sufficient in coco though.

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I think I’m ready. Possibly another week though.

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What do the tricombs look like on that first bud. The second needs some more time as the pistols haven’t turned yet

@AfgVet didnt realize my phone zoomed in is better then the magnifying glass

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Still a pretty good amount of white pistols. Buds should fatten up some still.

Do you have a jewelers loop to look at the tricombs with? A magnifying glass doesn’t really work the best, or the ones I tried didn’t. Amazon has jewelers loops for $10-$15.

It should be delivered today from amazon. I’m headed to my cabin in the UP this weekend and wanted to make sure I was still good for another few days, the wife can water but she has a black mold thumb so I don’t have her do much more then that lol

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Well all done. My buds were very airy so I had a small harvest. I think they probably could have been used another week to fill out but I was selling my house and the tent was scaring off potential buyers so I bit the bullet before the weekend rush.

Any other thoughts on why they would be so fluffy? I don’t think it was some of the things like lack of nutrients but never know. Thanks for everybodys help and now onto my next grow… sour diesel autoflower from ILGM.