Time for outdoor grows

Is it too late in the year to start growing, should i just wait for next year?

I just put out some plants, just two weeks old. Where are you growing?
I’m in N.E. just left of Massachussettes

N.C near Asheville. @FyshhTrap

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You can but your yields won’t be as substantial as your veg time will be a lot less

Depends on what yer growin, get some WW Autos in now and youre Golden.
Do you have any started? If you dont , try growin one and see what happens.
What Beans do you have now?

@FyshhTrap @Growit Alrights dudes thanks a lot also to answer some of your q’s , I’d have to germinate them , plant them and feed em in the woods (germ indoors) then Idk I’m quite new and by quite I mean very very - all I’ve done is smoke never grown . Anyway getting distracted , what materials do I need since there’s no actual guide guide for outdoor grows from what I’ve seen , and I have some mystery seeds

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hey another NC grower… There are a few growers around you.
We have enough for a block party now!
Welcome to the forum @BegineerGrows


Awesome , I’ll bring the drinks


You have time won’t be a big yield but will be good practice @BegineerGrows


@Sittingbull64 we got us another NC farmer !


Yes I seen that! State is filling up…lol…welcome @BegineerGrows! Plant them seeds and hang on


Yer gonna need a small grow light to get em started, go to Lowes or Home Depot and get a CFL. Yer also gonna need some starter pots, Lil red cups are fine (Beer cups) poke some holes in the bottom sides. Yer also gonna need some “Starter potting soil” try to stay away from Miracle grow,and get some Perlite and mix it in well, then a small spray bottle ( Dollar store) Keep in mind you just wanna keep the soil a bit Damp on top, DONT drench em, when they sprout from soil, just a “Touch” of water around the stem of plant.
That’s it, Welcome to growing.

And just for starters, get about 6 of them going, some will make it some wont, and youre gonna learn A lot about starting them. Keep em inside for about Two weeks, lights on 24/7, trust me on this, then put em out. Keep in touch and watch my grow in “Another North East Outdoor Grow” go to the search topics and type that in.

                         FyshhTrap     <*)))><{

@FyshhTrap AYE AYE CAPTAIN , in all seriousness thanks man!

You’re okay, I’m a neighbor and I just popped cherry pie GG#4 Bruce Banner and a Gold Leaf. They will be outside for veg. And in for flower. Plants tend to gain height width and maturity rapidly outdoors. That is the only luxury I see for outdoor now.

these girls will finish outdoors. Then I do the exact opposite in fall and winter.

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That’s LA Confidential, 2 blue dream clones and a Girl Scout Cookies x.

So i just germ them indoors and then let them go out during the veg state outdoors?

Oh shit, I almost forgot, get an all organic bug spray I use Vigoro (I think) just get some good Organic bug spray !!

Yes because sprouts are susceptible to bugs diseases and rot. They are very sensitive. I don’t place my girls out until they are 3-4 weeks old.

Here, this is what I use , works Great, got it at Lowes $6

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