Time for low stress training?

Hi I was wondering if it is ok to go ahead and LST these? And what would be the best way. Just bending over the main stem or individual branches? Thanks for any help

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yes start bending main stem alittle at a time then spread out branches to get the light

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Ok thanks. The main stem is getting a little stiff on the left plant, should I just use longer ties as to not bend it too much?

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Also a little more about the plants: this is week 5 for them. The front left and back are sour d auto from here. The one in front right is a bag seed from some white runts but is growing like an auto. I am using a mars hydro ts1000 light in a 32x32x63 tent.

yes just bend it a little at at time if it takes it, you might put a tie at the base going the other way to make sure you don’t pull the roots

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Weave that plant around the side of the pot so new sites will grow via the center and then tie those down. I roughly go about every 3-5 days to make adjustments. Mines about 3.5 feet wide right now going into flower. Started LST when mine was a little smaller than yours

You can check it out on my page if your interested


You can super crop the stronger stems. WARNING advanced you can break your main stem you just wanna soften the xylem tissue.

Super cropping you take your “main” stems and lightly bend and twist breaking the fibers enough that the plant stem bends without snapping. It’ll heal with this gnarly knuckle and it definitely forces hormones.

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Ok I’ll def be checking your page out. Thanks for the help!

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Some pics from yesterday. Yellowing are the very tips. Light burn or is this some type of nutrient problem? I just starting giving a little bit of nutrients this past Saturday and I fed today. On good note, it looks like 2 are starting to flower.

What’s your watering ph and your runoff ph?

Have you given nutes?

The rust spot in the center can be CalMag deficiency

I gave nutrients the first time Saturday and then again today. The runoff water was phd around 7, and I have my water at about 6. I just have the strips so I can’t get exact measures. I’m using advanced nutrition iguana juice

:thinking: those test strips aren’t great but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. When you feed I always start with 1/4 of the dosage and work my way up.

Did you feed back to back?

You want the runoff to be lower or the same ph that your watering with.

Yea I’ll probably end up getting an actual meter meter soon. I feds sat then today. I’ve been doing the same, only using 1/4-1/2 the recommended

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And yea the runoff is a little higher because I just started phing the water. It was too high

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I wouldn’t feed until you get that meter and once you have the ph Under wraps

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