Time for lollipopping/defoliation?

Hi all,

These plants are in their fourth week of flowering. I am considering lollipopping or at the least, a bit of defoliation at this point. Any comments/advice? Do they look like this would be of benefit?

I wouldn’t worry about yield at this point. I would test your soil and TDS. looks like you might have an imbalance somewhere.

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Hi James, thanx. Forgive my ignorance: what is TDS?

Your PH and PPMs. The water PH and the Parts Per Million is the PPM nutrients in the water.

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Yup check that ph. U either have a lockout (she cant eat cuz the ph outta range) or you stopped her N cpmpletely in flower and she eating herself (yellow leaves)

Yes some cleaning out would benefit her tops. But you want her eating her fill to be a priority at this stage. N if your growing outside… the pruning is less about helping yield n more about air circulation n avoiding mold/rot.

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Agreed, I would stay away from stressing any further.
+1 for PH and TDS tester, you’ll be chasing your tail and wasting money without them. Your run off should test about 6.2-6.6 (6.8 max) and TDS reading of about 1000-1200, depending on the nutes you are using. If you don’t have nutes or access to them, there are simple natural ways to introduce those essential nutes.

As others have said above do you check Ph & ppm?
You are this far in and if not please do.

As far as the yellow leaves go…if it was my plants I would grab them and if they come off easy remove it. If they hold leave them there. This way you can better see if it is progressing and if what you are doing to correct things is working. The real yellow weak leaves are detracting from plant not adding to health.

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