Time for harvest yet?

So I got off to a pretty bad start with my grow. Too little light, too little love and affection. So I’m off with my week count.
This is what I’m growing [Purple Queen Auto] edit: removed link to seed competitor) by Royal Queen Seeds

This is what a tiny tiny (2 mm) piece looks like (I hope the pic loads, this is my first post here).


Are the trichomes milky or clear? I think it is a bit hard to tell. They look milky at some places but very clear in other.

The seeds were set to germinate on April 18th so eleven weeks ago. Say one week for germination and sprouting - that makes the plant 10 weeks old. But as I said, she had a pretty bad start.
Info from seed reseller:

Your opinion is much appreciated.

That kinda looks like a sugar leaf. If it is then you are looking at the wrong part of the plant. Flower calyx is what you want as sugar leaves mature sooner.

If you don’t mind, take an overall shot of the plant and one representative cola in white light.


OK, here comes some more pics. The plant is very small (probably due to a bad start) and not that healthy - I think it got punished by the sun as I moved it outside and it did not have time to get used to the sun before really good weather blasted it. My guess - but if anyone has a better idea on what’s wrong feel free to suggest…

I’m a totally non commercial grower so even though the small size is a failure it is not that important.


Looks like I might be seeing some amber but you’ll need a jeweler’s loop (60x or greater) or microscope (from amazon ~$30) to confirm.

I absolutely love the color on that thing! Nice job!


Some better pics here 10x


Definitely looking like amber on those but the purple could be throwing it off as well. Be sure to check the calyx as @Myfriendis410 mentioned. From what I’m seeing those look amber as well.

Also, see below.

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Impatient as I am I cut a very small bud from the plant, chopped it up and quick dried it on a tissue in the sun. Then had a few tokes as the chicken sizzled on the barbecue. She packs a punch, that’s for sure! Pretty much sent me into orbit!
And the chicken! It tasted sooo good, nothing to wet the appetite like a few tokes! For those who enjoys an occasional barbecue but hates when the meat sticks to the iron. Try rubbing a raw potato (cut in half with the cut side against the grill irons (sorry dunno the name for this in English). Tried it yesterday and it works incredibly well. No sticking!

Purple Queen Auto is a winner, I’ll give her another week or so - then it’s chopping time.


Some more shots. I had a tad of bud rot, therefore some of the pics contain more brownish parts. Those might look like the plant is more ripe than it actually is…

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