Time for harvest? first time grower

hello im a first time grower growing some jack herer auto. i was not smart enough to right down the date it started flowering but since seed its been 15 weeks 2 days old witch seems a bit long to me but im sure iv made many mistakes to slow it down.

couldn’t get pics of trichomes but they are around 20% clearish 50% cloudy and 30% amber. this is looking towards the top of plant. didn’t bother looking at the popcorn buds at bottom.
from what i have read this is a decent time to harvest trichome wise but there are signs of buds still developing. should i ignore this and harvest based on trichomes or wait till the plant is done fatning buds?
by buds still developing i mean there are small sprouts opening up on buds with fresh wite pistols coming out. plant still has more white pistals then brown and curling ones.
alot of the fan leaves are dieing or died off witch i heard is normal during late flowering.

i really wana harvest this thing soon lol so sticky! and smells amazing!
any help would be much appreciated.

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Welcome @LLamataco
Those buds are definitely still growing. If you can’t wait then maybe do a partial harvest and let the rest grow more?
If the trichs are as you describe, it should be ripe enough especially the upper buds.

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