Time for Grow #3 notes


GDP is starting to open up after helping this afternoon. Still no sight of the NONE ILGM seedlings yet.

Updated pics of #5. Transplanted into straight FFOF that looks and feels so much better. A little misting and we’ll see how they look in the morning. Current plan is to take 3-4 out of bubbler room tomorrow to fill out this grow.

And finally grows 1-3. Everyone took 6.15 PH’d water this evening. The SS from #2 have both started flowering although my pic taking skills are lacking. Still waiting for #3 to show their sex but I’ve got a feeling the OB will also be male as it’s stretching and not bushing out. Time will tell…

Happy growing!


Im not sure. Thru 8 or 9 peat pellets. Im at a lovely 3/9. 4 if u count the one that i peeled the screen off. Those things just dont agree with me.

Room temp water (12-16 hrs) Paper towel (humid and DAMP not soaked) til root (24-48 hr) Straight soil (3 days should sprout)

Havent tried rapid rooters tho may buy a few when i run out of pellets. Need to practice with my last 13 or so with bagseed. Tired of wasting good genetics :joy::joy:


I sucked with peat pellets, kept overwatering with bad results too (2/10). Clones are my preferred way to start but I’ll never get anything new.

On the good side, AK #2 broke ground this morning with shell stuck on too. I may have to intervene with this one too. I’ll take a look when I get back this afternoon.

Have a good day and happy growing!!


I have never used a pellet or root riot to germ seeds and iv only ever done 6 and had 100% success. I soak them in tap water bath for about 24hr’s or until it’s cracked, then put in between 4 sheets of toilet roll (2 on bottom, bean, 2 on top) I use the water it’s been soaking in just to keep the towel wet enough, place the plate on top of my combiboiler (warm&dark) until the taproot out and around half the size of my pinky nail, into soil in solo cups, domed and put under a CFL.
I tried cloning on my 1st grow but the stalk dampened off and died was a good smoke too considering it was bagseed!
I would hate to loose so many seeds but I guess it’s trial an error until you get what suits you!
Good luck and happy growing :v:


A few seedling pics.

AK47 #2 broke overnight and had the same issue as ILGM GDP with the seed shell stuck on. Removed and seems to be ok.
GDP is slowly starting to spread, hopefully tomorrow will be more progress.

I combed thru roots in the clone room and decided to take 2 OB. Tomorrow 3 SS will move too for a total of 7 for # 5.

Flower tent looks great, no issues in there as well. Another 2 1/2 weeks to #1 is harvested and it will hang dry in tent #2.

Good night and happy growing!


Sorry it took so long. Life gets in the way sometimes.

I’m wondering why you are running your pH so low. In soil you want to range between 6.3 and 6.8 for best uptake.

Being so low is on the verge of locking out your macro-nutrients NPK. This may be part of your struggle with seedlings. They’re more sensitive than clones. Speaking of which…

You can transplant them if you feel like you have to, but it will add more stress and you could lose them. SuperThrive or some other B vitamin supplement can help with stress.

@Budbrother is available much more than I am with good knowledge as well. Very helpful in many ways and is also familiar with indoor, where I am lost.


Pics first

Both have unfolded a little more overnight. AK needed a little more support so I propped up the stem a little more. Both got 2 full sprays of 6.5 water. 77 daytime and 64 at night.

Transplants went well. Playing with the idea of leaving 2 in hydro pots to flower. Everyone in soil got water at 6.5 and week 1 of nutes. Hydro is at 5.8 with week 1 too. When new growth takes off all plants will be dimmed and topped immediately. Plants will be thinned and topped again at week 3. Did a little experiment with 1 plant in grow 3 and we doubled the colas on that little plant so we are off to the races!

No pics of the flower tent until tonight but everyone is happy. Everyone will get water and nutes tonight.

And last but not least…

I’m going to drop another OB this afternoon to be grown in rapid root to germinate. I’ve got to find a more effective way to grow new plants. Seed went into water at 1330 yesterday and will plant later this afternoon.

Happy weekend and happy growing!


3 seeds popped (Orange Bud bag seed, AK47 bag seed and GDP fem from ILGM). Only OB (sprouted yesterday) has starter leaves but both others are still trying to unfold and grow (GDP 7/26 and AK 7/27).

Flower tent looks good, all plants watered yesterday at 6.5 PH. 1 more week of nutes for SS and at least a week of water. AK and SS in week 3 are both well, had to rearrange flower tent a little last night to allow easier access. SS clones (ALL Female :slight_smile:) are in week 2 of flowering nutes and are growing like weeds as well. Last plant is either an OB or AK (don’t remember as I thought I could remember all this info) but it’s ok as well.

Veg tent is OK as well. I had to add soil to 2 as they aren’t holding water at any level. Kind of weird considering it’s the same FFOF bag I used for 4 other plants.

Pics to follow tonight!

Happy growing!!


It’s been a few days since the last post so here goes nothing! Flower tent is beautiful, SS is on last week of nutes, no issues with her. Won’t be a big harvest but for the first to make it, I’m happy with anything she’s willing to give.

Grow 2 is getting week 4 of flowering nutes tonight and looks good as well. SS isn’t as big as momma but she looks good.

AK looks good, I can’t wait to taste her!

Grow 3 is thriving too. 4

SS and 1 OB are reaching for the stars. No pics cause the rooms too full.

Grow 5 is shaping up to be a good one (won’t be huge but the first crop with LST throughout. 6 SS and a OB all from clones. All were topped and fimmed on Wednesday.

On to #6. 4 SS clones off grow 1 and 7 OB clones. All SS had ample roots coming out of bubble pots and were transplanted last night. They were topped as well. These plants will chill in the clone tent until 5 moves to flower and #1 hangs in the veg room.


8 will be GDP from ILGM (of it ever grows), an OB bag seed and clones off #6.

Enough for tonight, I will update tomorrow.

Happy growing!


Life just gets in the sometimes… flower room

SS and OB aka AK just got week 5 of nutes PH’d to 6.3 and are fine. I did some light trimming off the bottoms at the beginning of the week. As you probably noticed SS that was to start flushing this week isn’t here. I went in to give them their bedtime good nights and she was molding. Humidity was high of 76% in tent. Total loss except I have many of her offspring.

SS clones 2-4 and AK (bag seed, photo) in the back corner will get week 3 of nutes tonight. Everyone is happy.

SS clones 5-8 and a sickly OB clone that won’t amount to anything. These plants have plenty of time to grow so they will get a half dose of week 1 flowering nutes tonight. All topped once and fimmed twice.

The only major issue I’m having is high humidity. I have a 70 pint dehumidifier with hose drain cued up in the Amazon acct tomorrow morning.

Clone room update later today!

Have a great day and happy growing!


I pulled my best Edward Scissorhands impression on two SS just added to the flower tent this evening. I have no time limit to these so I’m going to let these go buck wild!

The rest of the tent was watered at 6.48 and trimmed up. They all look good. I’m thinking about 4 maybe 5 weeks of nutes followed by a good 2 week flush on #2

GDP #2 gave up the ghost yesterday (same as the first one). AK and OB still standing tall. OB in Bubbler bucket looks good too.

SS in veg tent have adapted well on will go into the nute program in the next few days. We’ll see how the next harvest is going to happen and figure something out.

Humidity is 56-63 the last 2 days just running ac/dehumidifier a little more. 68/60 isn’t perfect but I’ll take it👍!

Long story short 2 humidifiers and 2 returned humidifiers. 230 for the first and 750 for the second and I’m checked out.

Good night and happy growing!


Learned a few things since I’ve last posted.

No pics (out of town for the weekend) but everyone is well.

SS is Orange Bud. What I thought was OB is AK 47.

I have a few seeds to my cousin, he has some kick ass OB and AK!! Exchanged some clones and grow 8 will kick off next week. Now I have SS and Critical Mass too. Can’t wait!!

Have a good weekend!