Time for Grow #3 notes

Big girls look good. They are due to be watered tomorrow. I’ll get into the tent and take a clone off both.

Next are harvest 3. Everyone got PH’d water today. Tap runs 9.3 and PH’d down to 6.3. Everyone looks good. These will move and transplant when we have amber on #1.

Final pics are of harvest 2. Every one is happy and watered as well. I was set to top all 3 but after some consultation with my silent partner he thinks we should groom these the same as harvest 1.

Happy 4th, have fun with your families and friends!!

Happy growing!!!


Well we have a small problem. I was up way too early this morning (stupid stomach flu) and the biggest plant is at least a hermi or at worst is a male. Plants are resting until 3 this afternoon and “it” will come out. Now my problem is I can’t remember what clones came off that plant. I had issues getting this one to grow, the first amigo.

Pics to follow this afternoon.

More pics of grow 3

Everyone is planted in FFOF, going into flowering tonight. Using 2 300 LED Bloomquist lights that are 24-28” away. Exhaust fan and sucking air from basement. 72 during the day with 67-68 at night. Humidity 55-60%. Water is PH’ed to 6-6.3 and the plants love it! 5 SS (clones) and 1 holdover Orange Bud from seed (was very slow growing so it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s a male from its structure and difficulties. 2 SS are going into week one of veg. Buying another 2x4x5 to give a dark ventilated space to hang and dry. From what I see and think 5 females with one other possibility. We will see…

Next up are grow 4. All are clones, pondering keeping a few in hydro. I typically use hydro to clone and start roots before transplanting to soil. This has been a very successful way for me to clone with my current resources so I’m reluctant to change it up. All are in Ph’ed water of 6.0.

Next up are grows 1 and 2. SS in week 5 of flower. Water/nutes PHed to 6. I expect another 2 weeks of flower nutes and a week or 2 to flush. So excited!! Grow 2 is in week 2 of flower with 6.0 PH’ed water. From what I see, at least 1 male maybe 2 but I’ll keep my eye on them as they should start to shoot up and reveal themselves in the next week or so. Should be fun!

And my first of many orders came from ILGM today, GDP feminized!! Ordered Thursday night and came this morning!! Talk about super quick delivery!!! I have more supplies coming tomorrow (LOVE amazon prime) and 2 of these are going in soil Monday after a quick 24 hr soak. Also bought access to Bergman’s Lab so I will be incorporating his proven grow methods going forward. Now what to do with all the excess…??? Good problem to have


Seeds are in water for grow 5.

1 Orange Bud
1 GDP feminized
2 AK 47

I plan to use FFHF to start or possibly an organic seedling soil (depends on what I can find at the nursery this afternoon) in seedling pots with plastic wrap to hold humidity during sprouting. Water will be PH’ed to 6 with no nutes for a few weeks until 1st real leaves develop. Temp 70-75. Am I forgetting anything @HornHead @raustin @FloridaSon @Growit @Grannygrows @Hogmaster and anyone else that has advise??

Happy growing



More tags, what have I forgotten (if anything).

@SmoknGranny @Donaldj @Drillbit @Josh1126 @Wildwest @PurpNGold74


Sounds like a good grow coming up

Indeed. I love GDP and AK. Plus orange bud? Never heard of it but ima citrus fan as well. Good luck with the flowers

Set to stalking :wink: you have your hands full with those girls :heart_eyes:

All tents look good, somewhat concerned about the higher humidity in the flower tent (rainy all day with storms this evening). It’s back down at 59% after opening it up and turning whole house dehumidifier on.

Planted the GDP and AK 47 this afternoon.

GDP is feminized and AK is bag seed. Planted in an organic seedling soil with plastic wrap to contain humidity. Small LED bulb to maintain 75 degrees. When first seed pops, all wrap will come off. When roots come out bottom of perforated pots, they will be transferred to their next pot in FFOF layered with coco.
Then start pages soon through tents and nutes.

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Well, one of the boys showed up late last night so we are down to 7 in the flowering tent. I was just sitting there enjoying my night time smoke when I saw something that didn’t seem right. Upon a closer inspection, they were balls. I think there’s one more boy but we’ll see in the coming days.

Checked seeds this morning, holding at 73-75 degrees with humidity in the mid 50’s but hasn’t broken soil yet.


No sprouts showing this morning. I have a few questions though…

I gave a little water after dropping the seeds but did not saturate the soil. Pots are perforated at the bottom. There is moisture on the cling wrap but soil doesn’t appear damp. Should I PH some water and give them a quick dip without removing the cling wrap??

Second question

Clones have roots and are planted in FFOF with coco layered in pots. Soil is too wet to water and plants appear to be ok. Should I dig these 2 out and replant with soil that is not soaked??

Thanks for all your help!!

@Donaldj @PurpNGold74 @josh @Wildwest @HornHead @raustin or anyone else with experience please

I’d leave them be. Only been in soil couple days right


Right, 2 days. Just trying to be proactive…

Any thoughts on question 2??

Not really sure. Kinda a toss up. And all my clones never make it to root so im out on this advising tip :joy:

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Clones are pretty easy for me. I have 5 5 gallons bubblers setup and they have good roots after 1 1 1/2 week. The 2 in question are doing better but have way too much water.

They have soil that hasn’t been watered in 3 days that is quite wet. I need to move them into the nute program to continue the process but wet pots are going to set me back at least a week. Trying to figure out if other than a few days of transplant shock they would be in any other harm…

My 2 pennies worth would be to leave them be as they are still recovering from transplant and in that time the soil would have dried out a little, I understand the set back in nutes schedule but I’m sure a week out won’t do major damage? IMO I would be worried to transplant again so soon. Could you mix in some perlite to the top layer may help a little.
I wish you luck with your choice.

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The clones have been in soil for 2 weeks. I have not watered them in 5 days. Humidity is at 55% day and 60 at night. Temp is pretty steady at 72-68. While they have roots, they are not having to search for water which concerns me. IDK, maybe paranoia has set in after having to cull a male earlier this week.

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Well, I woke up this morning to GDP popping. No movement out of AK yet. All wraps came off and each plant got 15 ml’s of PH’d H2O. 72 and 58 temp and humid.

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After spraying seed shell and waiting a while to see if it would come off on its own I intervened and removed it. I also supported the stretching by supporting it with more soil around the base. I REALLY hate germinating from seed (because I suck at it!). Water is room temp as I wil put another GDP in soil tomorrow night (and hopefully not jack it up this time with not enough water in the soil). I have rapid rooters, maybe it’s time to try that route. Any thoughts @FloridaSon @josh @PurpNGold74 @Grannygrows @Wildwest @raustin??