Time for Grow #3 notes

Started #3 today, 12 oz cups with a few drops of hydrogen peroxide and about an ounce of water. I plan to plant in 12oz cup for seedling and transfer into 1 bushel laundry baskets. Just ordered a new 48x48x78 tent with 600w LED lights to add to my grow. @FloridaSon @bruinsfan33 @Fl.growr


What kinda lights did you go with?

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600w LED kit made by Phlizon for big tent. I will use 2 300w Bloomquist for 2x4x5 tent (germination and young veg). I also have another 600 w coming as well but will decide where to put it to maximize coverage.

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Cool @Strokeman
Sounds like a good plan!!

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Sounds like the big tent would be the best home for the new light, but then, I’m an outdoor guy…

I’m in, Brother…


I’m glad you commented @FloridaSon. I have attained a new outdoor greenhouse area that is very secluded. Going to look at it tomorrow to figure out how to best use it.

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My thought is to bump up my harvest to at least once a month. I have 4 clones taken earlier this week. Not much wilt at all and roots on 3 of the 4 within 3 days. Pretty impressed with the effort so far. This is going to be fun!

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2 ak47 and 2 skunk in 12 oz solo cups this morning (440 am) and both AK47 both have tap roots. Skunk have broken bout not visible yet. UPS just delivered a bunch of stuff I ordered so I imagine there’s 2-3 hours of work tomorrow.

A few pics I took this morning of grow #1.


Been a few weeks since my last update. #3 never germinated. I have 3 cups empty and #4 was a pop and die seed.

So back to grow #1 that is alive and well.


Making some command decisions, I will be back on tonight.


Ok went with 1200W LED in 4x4x80”. Orange Bud and super skunk. Will start 12/12 next Saturday.

In the first 2x4x60 are a AK 47 and my first clone of Orange Bud. They are both in FFOF and are on week one of a growing solution. They currently under a 450W LED. Big plan is about 5-6 weeks of veg before 12/12 cycle.

In the other 2x4x60” are 3 hydro pots and a smashed clone. In 4-6 weeks, first set of clones will go into bushel pots with same setup as above.

I am happy to share and welcome any advice.

@FloridaSon @Growit


Looking great
You got alot going on there
I wanna get my feet wet with hydro once I get this soil thing dialed in
Nicely done and thanks for the tag

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I bought the hydro bucket in the very beginning but got cold feet when it was time to start. I started using it when trimming the first 2 and saw so many healthy plants away.

It’s really really simple providing basic PH and following a nute program.

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I only know what I have read about hydro. I’ve never tried it.

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Not much happening here today, plants are healthy as shown below.

Went to 12/12 yesterday, I can’t wait to see the final product.

I am thinking about taking one of my current clones in hydro to fill out harvest number 2 as I really think the big tent will look better with 3 plants. I’m thinking 3 more weeks before I switch the other 4 to soil and then I’d be ready for more clones. Any thoughts?? @FloridaSon @raustin @Grannygrows @Growit


The pictures didn’t load for me, so I’ll have to let the others take a look at them.

If you feel the floor of the tent won’t be filled without another plant, go for it…

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I don’t really know anything about going from hydro to soil, I’ve never done that, but I’d you need to optimize your space then go ahead and do it.

Today is the day, I am taking all clones out of hydro and everything goes into FFOF layered with of perlite/coco.

Going forward, we will use hydro for clones and soil to grow. We watered 2 in veg today with week 2 of nutes and will water with week 2 of flowering tomorrow (as well as take another 9 clones off flowering plants).

Pics to follow later on tonight.

@FloridaSon @Growit @raustin @Josh1126 @Grannygrows @HornHead and anyone else I forgot to tag.


Pics first

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First 3 are clones that were transplanted yesterday. All all well with the exception of the last pic (biggest one with the most roots). She is ok but still adjusting to her new surroundings. All are in 1 gallon pots with a mix of FFOF and coco. All are on week one of grow solution. I have 3 AK 47 and an Orange Bud (one clone that was bent during last weekends tent work). These are currently under a 300W Bloomquist LED but will be changed to 2 T5’s in the next few days.

Remainder of pics got all jumbled up during loading.

Orange Bud and Super Skunk are on week 2 of flowering nutes. Love seeing all the new growth with the number of potential flowering sites raising every time I look at them. I have some trimming to do tomorrow in this tent. 3/3 OB/SS clones tomorrow evening. CANT WAIT!!

AK47 and original OB clone are doing well too. Week 2 of growth nutes. Growth is not explosive but steady. 3 more weeks and these go into flowering.

Excited but tired!!

Happy growing!!

No pictures tonight but all is well! Girls in flower look GREAT! 15 colas per plant with main stem, after reading some posts today and spending some quality time with the girls, I’m done taking clones from these two. I did a lot of bending and twisting to allow light thru the canopy to allow some of the lower flowering to get adequate light. Added a 190 CFM fan to get fresh air into the tent to match the fan blowing out of the tent. Temps running 71 with humidity at 75. Opened a few more vents but after reading today, I will get the dehumidifier filter changed and turn it on in the morning. Should fix it but stay tuned.

Hydro/clone tent is in good shape. Taking out hydro pots and will transplant 3 AK 47 clones to FFOF layered with coco. This will give me 7 plants for harvest #3. Next clones for #4 are 2-3 weeks out so buckets can move out of the tent for a while.

Orange Bud and AK look good. Both have new growth since transplant and are loving FFOF with nutes they are getting. Thinking about topping both plants but after doing some reading I’m more confused. I’ll do some more reading and watch a few videos and figure it out.

Good night and happy growing!