Time for 1st flush?

Help. I’ve having the same issues with my 2nd grow as I had with my first. These autos have been in Fox Farm Happy Frog for almost 5 weeks. I always water using distilled water with 3ml CalMag and 3ml Silca per gallon. pH balanced to 6.2-6.8. I noticed some discoloration a week and a half ago and thinking it was a nutrient defiency (nitrogen) have added 2-3ml of FloroNovoBloom a few times since then (every other watering, which is 3-4 days). The leaves are getting worse. I haven’t done a flush yet, Is it time? Everything started on the bottom and is working it’s way up so I know it’s nutrient related. I didn’t think I’d need a flush since Happy Frog is organic and I’ve only feed a few times (other than the calmag and Silca they’ve gotten all along)

Maybe @Covertgrower can give some advice.

Definitely no not until you hit at least 50%darkened pistils if you want light amber or until you see the 1st amber trich if you want medium(you often dont see fixes for a week since the soil has to break it down even if its hydroponic) my recommendation is in the future to definitely give them more flower nutes starting flower week 0 with a touch of veg for the nitrogen

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I second this. :point_up: Fan leaves are almost always a casualty, but all of your flowering leaves look good.

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