Time before regrowth?

I was wondering how long it takes for most of your guys plants to begin growing again after taking of clones. Branches or mainstem. I have a pest infestation right now but I clipped my tops to take as clones and they never came back, the previous branches started to shoot up, and I tried cloning them but then the pests came on badly and none of my plant has seem growth lately. Even if that wasn’t the case I was wondering how long it takes normally for the branches to come back, and if you clip it but leave a node will the branch return rather than clipping it at the base of the branch but at the mainstem. I did that on my first plant and the branches never grew back, so this time around I tried to get my clones from past the 1st node hoping they would return growing. A few of them have created burrs at the tips but nothing yet. BUT I blame that on the pests.

I can only guess. If you take too much stems and branches you shock the plant and it could take 2 weeks to start growing again.

Is it possible that your temps are too high? High temps wil;l stop a plant from growing.