Tight node spacing

Hey guys when i was doing some defoliation on my plants i noticed that the node spacing is very close im guessing that my plants will have some tight buds once they start to form i cant wait to see how they turn out


Yup. just them keep stacking

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Tight nodes are formed by giving excess light which I and a few others prefer , yea they lead to those super thick tight buds

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Nice bring on the thick tight sticky buds :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Show us some clips homie

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As you can see it has tight node spacing


They are going to grow in to each other nicely!

Nice thick green branches too well done!

Thanks @Waltjoe420 im growing in organics ive amended my soil and i use this from seedling stage to the start of flower

And then i use the pink bottle for flower the gold bottle i use for seedlings and veg stage


Looks a little high in Nitrogen, note the leaf clawing. Node structure looks fine.

What are the NPK for the nutes?

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Yah it could be abit high in nitrogen .the pink bottle is what im using now the npk rating is N is7.0% P is 2.0% K,is 8.0%

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You may be mixing a little heavy. Usually a flowering nute will have higher P. Like 10-30-20


See what i do i use a 20ltr bucket of water so for every ten ltrs i have to put 20mls of the fertilizer so being at 20 ltr bucket i have to put 40mls in most of the time i only use 30mls

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I use powerfeed as well but only for veg.
Too high in nitrogen for flower.
Seeing you are also in OZ, go to Nimben Nutrients and order some Budmaster. Brilliant stuff.
They have some great nutes and the owner is super helpful.

I use there phat bud powder and there mega k and bud powder