TICKET - Question about lighting in tent

Hello, I am growing for my first time and I have a question about lighting. I have a 4’x8’ grow tent and my buddy lent me a 1000 watt sunlight and a 432 watt fluorescent 4’ light. I’ve read that the 1000 watt sunlight would be too much but I’m afraid the 432w light is too small. Could I use one of these lights or should i get something else? What would you suggest?


My choice in a 4 by 8 would be two 600w but if that’s not an option you might be able to hang 1000 in the middle and leave a foot on each end, that would work but the other one’s not enough

…somebody from here has a 4 by 8 but I’m not sure how they light it maybe they’ll see this thread ?
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Hi Blake. I am not sure what a 1000 watt sunlight is. It could be High pressure sodium (hps), metal halide(mh) or led. Potentially all three could be effective depending on what life stage the plants are in. How many plants? and what sort of area do you need to adequately light? The fluorescent could work for the early stages and maybe the veg stage- depends on the bulb. Also neither are going to be enough to cover a 4x8 tent. 2 x 600 watt lights would probably fit nicely.
What is just as critical as the lighting is temperature and air movement. You need constant air movement and an effective way to vacate the hot moist air. Since this is your first grow I felt compiled to write this in, cause I don’t want you to waste your money and have a failed grow.

Can your electrical circuit handle an additional 1000 watts of draw? If not you easily could create a fire hazard. I learned the hard way. And luckily it only cost me an extra thousand dollars. Additionally borrowing equipment is sketchy. And I think you need to ask your buddy how old are the light fixtures and bulbs. And get them to help.

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If you can keep the heat from becoming an issue, you can use the 1000 watt for the grow. I assume you mean sunlight systems? Vague information makes it harder for us to give you a totally informed answer. Is this 1000 watt lamp a magnetic ballast, or a digital ballast?

Digital Ballasts run cooler and can be turned down as far as 1/2 power on most.

The 4’ fluoro light will be great for propagation and early vegetation, or even Mother plants (for clones)

Help me help you.


A revisit.
Your tent is 4x8x?. If it is a 4’x4’ square and 8’ tall then your sitting pretty. A 1000 watt with reflector would be Excellent lighting.