Ticket - One plant looking a bit purple

Strain; White Widow Photo ILGM
Soil in pots? Pro-Mix HP
PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? pH 6.2
What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS Added Nutes 1 time 1.5 FloraMicro, Gro, Bloom. Also 1mL Rapid Start, .5mL Aromo SI, 1.5Cal/Mag
Indoor or Outdoor
Light system, size? Indoor, ~350 watts total wall/ LED and CFL
Temps; Day, Night Day Temp 77 Night 70
Humidity; Day, Night .35%
Ventilation system; Yes, 2 Ea 203 cfm input / exhause. 2 4” and 1 10”
AC cooled when lights are running 18/6 schedule
Co2; No
This is one of 5 plants. 2 other White Widow and 2 Super Lemon Haze. None of the other plants have the downturned leaves or weird purple leaves. They got same nutes but look perfect. I did get watering off a bit because I had to leave for a couple of days, so made sure they were ok for that time with 6.0 ph’d water.
No idea why this one plant looks like it does. Seems to be growing ok for now. The camera has brought out the purple color a bit more than it looks to the naked eye.
A problem or just a fluke? Again, other plants look great.


She looks pretty healthy. It could just be the phenotype of this plant. Just like siblings they will each have individual traits. That might just be her thing.

I’m terrible at diagnosing deficiencies though so lets tag a few people. @Countryboyjvd1971 @Screwauger @Covertgrower @WillyJ @dbrn32 @raustin @Hogmaster

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Thanks @AnneBonny. I kind of thought that too since everyone else was looking fine. The odd cupping of some of the leaves did give me pause though. Just over 2 weeks when i did the nutes, so maybe a bit soon, but the Super Lemon Haze are way bigger! One in particular and with Pro-mix HP there is nothing in that I don’t add.

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Not sure either. I know cool lights off temps will do that a lot, but wouldn’t think 77-70 would.

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Not a bad thought @dbrn32. I have the lights and cooling on separate timers so cool air goes off after the lights, but it runs a bit longer to ensure I don’t overheat. Had a time getting it worked out. Temp may be it. This plant is in the far corner and maybe getting more air than the rest. I could move things around a bit. This will be a SCROG so I need to get it worked out before everything is tied down.

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@Reticence @dbrn32 I actually saw a different WW that ended up with purple leaves while still being warm. (Not on the website) Only thing is to check the run off on the PH. If that’s fine, chalk it up to genetics. Nutrients might have been a little early, which seems like you are aware of that and corrected. Other than that, she looks good.
Appreciate the tag @AnneBonny


For sure. I was just throwing thought out.

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@AnneBonny the curling of the leaves may be caused by the rapid start it will do that to some plants I use it but only half strength .5 ml per gallon not quite sure about the purple

Looks like it is purple from your light. I cant remember the exact explanation but under a blurple light the leaves will look purple due to the pigment in the leaves absorbing the color or something. I cant remember 100%