TICKET: Multiple questions about clones

I’m starting clones off a single outdoor female plant, right now, Sept. 22, and moving them indoors.

The mother plant has started to produce small flowering buds, about the size of a fingernail.

My questions:

Should I prune off the flowers of the clones?

Should I put the clones into 20 hrs light, 4 hrs dark cycle, immediately?

Is there any merit/reason to keeping any of the clones in the 12 hrs - 12 hrs light cycle they are currently experiencing outdoors?

I’m following instructions re: cutting clones and planting at about the 5th node- what is the rule of thumb for how many leaves are optimal for the cloned plant to survive? (this kinda relates to the pruning the flowers off the clones question)

Thanks a ton- I really appreciate it.


On behalf of the forum, I would like to welcome you to ILGM!

There are many people here that want nothing more than for you to reach your goal of growing the best smoke you can.

This is what has worked for me, but there are more knowledgeable people here than me. I would suggest reading Robert’s grow bible.

Read the whole thing. It’s worth the time and is a good reference source to have.


Check his blogs too.

Information empowers us all…