TICKET - Golden Leaf leaves going bad

I give up, she’s Mother Nature’s problem now . . .

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I totally agree. That soil also looks altogether too dense; Probably stays too wet for too long.

so, it sounds like you stressed and caused this plant’s growth to be stunted by using the soil you did.

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When I put her in the ground outside, the dirt in the root ball was still hard as a rock around the roots, so even though I put it in new soil, I’m afraid the roots never made it out of the old!

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I have to say; I do not agree with everything you outlined here Will.

Plants grown in enriched soil do not need any nutrients for a month or so. I am growing Gold Leaf in ProMix BX and all I fed this plant for 6 weeks was 1 TBS. per gallon in my well water. (This is the recommended dose on the bottle) Plant grew vigorously. Once I transplanted from 1 gallon nursery pots to 5 gallon cloth pots; I fed with 1 TBS. per gallon of Botanicare - Pure Blend Pro. (As directed on the bottle) 1200ppm Plants are kicking ass.

Another thing that is confusing to me, is that you use several references to a 1/2 tsp., a 1/4 tsp., 1/4 strength, 1/2 strength. What we should be teaching new growers is that we need to control the strength of the solution by reading the EC, or TDS of the solution…

So; Seedlings need no nutrients but, I recommend Liquid Karma to provide some essential nutrition and get the plant off to a healthy start.

Once plant has 4=5 true sets of alternating leaves (nodes); Add solution at 400 ppm (TDS reading), unless you have placed the plant in a fertilzer based potting soil like Miracle Grow. IN that case; A plant in Miracle Grow potting soil does not need nutrients for a month or longer. Maybe even 2 months.

In mid vegetation increase nutrient solution ppm level to 800 ppm.

In flower you can stay at 800 ppm or if you want more vigor you can raise the levels of your nutrient solution to 1200 ppm. The plants will let you know what they need if you watch and learn.

Will. Thanks for all the support you give people.

hope this helps. lw :slight_smile:

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Just be careful adding something new to fix the problem everyday. One thing that happens is: You have no idea what helped if you added 4 different products to your plant. I hope she does well now that you have her in her new spot. :slight_smile:

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@latewood, I was talking about two different types of nutrients ( 1 ) Chemical 1/2 tsp and ( 2 ) Organics 1/4 tsp.
An yes I failed to mention at first about not having to feed seedling until 3rd to 5th true sets of eaves.
Thank you for pointing this out .


Another thing that just occurred to me, even though I only watered with nutes twice, at 1/4 recommended dose, I gave the 8-bud site, sprawling, growing WW the same amount as the 3-inch tall GL. I think this turned out to be a bunch of things that all culminated at once: dense soil, nutrient burn, harsh transplant, over-watering, and who knows what all was in the outdoor soil!

I was very upset at first, but now I feel like I just got a 1st class education on growing GL. I’m going to wait until my WW autos are done, and then dedicate the whole tent to a GL grow where I can put the time in to do a SCROG! :slight_smile:

THANK YOU ALL so much for all the excellent help!!

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Also her not growing very tall is a good sign, somewhat lol showing more nodes (branch nodes to be specific) over height is usually a sign you have adequate lighting, and perfect temperatures, as for a nutrient burn I think that’s definitely what’s going on with her, (besides being suffocated by old soil).

24-8-16 seems quite strong for that little one, that might be causing a toxicity build up in your soil throwing off other nutrients causing deficiencies with what’s not overloaded. Just an opinion try to flush her soil with 1/4-1/2 tsp of Epsom salt per gallon of water once she gets under control, than feed again but half of what your feeding, if already in smallest amounts, either 1 of 2 things can be done, breakdown feeding a little more into even smaller doseage, or add more water to weaken the food strength.

I transplanted her outside, and tried to reach under the dirt and break up the hardened soil surrounding the roots. She’s under a cage, so I’m hoping the cannagods will smile on her. :wink:

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I seen she was placed out side, hey don’t give up buddy you’ll get it

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I have been told, and always believed that high temps can cause nutrient burn in plants growing in a proper soil due to the rapid rate the plant transpires water to cool. It also picks up extra nutes with the water.

Your a little off buddy, the warmer it is the higher the evaporation pressure is, which means your plants will eat and drink alot more than usual, usually most common in dry hot arid places (the desert, Az, and California are great examples). The cooler the grow room is (for example 68 degrees with 60% humidity is considered tropical or a moist subterranean climate. A good example for this is Florida, and typically easy to say east coast) the evaporation pressure is lower, which generally means your plant will eat and drink alot less than normal.

That’s because with evaporation pressure being at a constant level the soil doesn’t dry as fast which means the soil stays wet longer (by this point that backs up watering less over a week period), which means they dissolve or use less oxygen at the roots giving more of a chance for root rot.

In terms with higher evaporation pressure they are likely to go through nutrient deficiency first, and nutrient burn is more likely to happen in a climate with a more neutral to lower evaporation pressure


I killed all the CFLs (I had about 80W on the one I burned up, and another 120W on my WWs), and it dropped my temp from 90F to 82F! Damn, I’m good at killing things in my grow tent! :sob:

Another lesson learned today: Stop trying to overdo it on my first grow and just get through it! I can start thinking about maximizing growth with supplemental CFL on the next one. For now, the MarsHydro300 is fine on its own for a 3’x2’ space. Hopefully, the lower temp will end up helping my Widows finish better anyway.


Definatley they will be doing alot better with lower temps and yea sometimes it’s easier to roll with the flow rather then try and over do it on your first grow, and better the lights than the plants, atleast it was a cheap mistake this time


Nice. Thx for clearing that up :slight_smile:

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Yes sir glad i can help

She survived the night! Who knows, maybe she’ll earn the name “Phoenix” by the end of September! :slight_smile:

I used just about every tip y’all gave, got her new soil, flushed her good, and set her out of the garden to let the sun do her magic.

Looks like the leaves are being burnt by splash damaged from the soil. I cut the lower growth up off the ground, as she grows more upper growth.

INormally, I would tend to agree with you on this but, this plant had that damage in a pot before being placed outside. Of course if the pots were outside before (think they were inside), then splashing and rot, fungus etc. could be the issue.