Ticket for diagnosis


If you are ready to harvest, by all means. Just PH water til harvest.

Flush with 3X the pot volume and something like Sledgehammer or Florakleen might be good.


Nice area! I used to live in Arroyo Grande when I went to Cal Poly in the mid 90’s. I used to search out good surf spots in that area. During the El Nino in 97 Brown Road washed out and the only access to surf Silos was by dirt bike. We used to carry our boards under our arms and off road out there to get epic waves with NO crowds. Point Sal was epic too!


@Myfriendis410 but I have one plant with alot of white pistils I thought they were suppose to change color? Like new growth.


Let’s see some pictures. …


I know Brown Road well: killed a lot of hogs on the base side over the years.


Santa Maria, Guadalupe or Nipomo?


Lompoc lol.


@Myfriendis410 these two I believe are ready I started flushing them

But this one just all new growth. I ordered a better magnifier


Too many white pistols. Still got at least a couple weeks to go. You should get a jeweler’s loupe to check the trichomes on the calyx. When you get about 10-20% amber trichomes, start flushing.


@Drillbit I did buy one but it doesn’t magnify enough they look white and some milky I ordered a 200x magnifier for these old eyes…it’s like on one plant it looked like the others then all of a sudden I got new growth on top of original bud…buds are hard and dense. I’m not even sure they are all the same strain…I kno two are grape kush I’m not sure what the other one is.


Some people prefer to harvest with just cloudy and clear trichomes. It gives a more energetic high. But most want amber colors which gives a couch lock powerful stone. But just judging from the pistils on your girls, I’d say a couple weeks. Most people don’t even start checking the trichomes until at least 80% of the pistils have turned brown. But it’s your choice, you can get high off of it either way. Just saying if you want the best your plant has to offer, wait till you see some amber trichomes.



@ this one is really amber meaning pistils…


I agree that there are too many white pistils showing on most of them. The last one looks like you may be close. The thing is it’s a little tough to judge this way and you want to bulk up as much as possible now. They look good, just not quite there.

Often times your branches will need support for the weight of the cola.


@Myfriendis410 not the last picture one cola broke off when lights just came on that one plant colas are really heavy. I’m gonna start just give ph water this feeding my new magnifier should b here by Tuesday …my eyes aren’t what they use to b …I see some clear some cloudy I don’t see alot of amber. But I want 50/50 I like a head high but my body is in so much pain so I want both. I’m not there yet at all with one i don’t think. I put the one that broke hanging in a small brown box my house is cold it’s still hot here…no fan but I’ll check it at night . It just wasn’t flushed…but now I can see the difference between flushed and not flushed. Don’t forget to vote red…lol


Well I’m 60 so understand about eyes!

Flushing is over rated if you are doing everything else right: good soil, lighting, nutes and no harsh chemicals.

Do wash your harvest in peroxide: stays fresh longer and helps bring out the aroma. It also kills mildew (which I guarantee is present on your plant.


The last pic looks close to or at harvest time. The ones you posted earlier are not. Hope that helps.


It’s hard to tell though. I would pick the dead leaves off and give it another look.


I agree that one is looking tasty.


@Myfriendis410 well I’m four years younger wash it how do I do that?