Thunderstorms for the next week #outdoor #autoflowers

Hi everyone ~ first time grower here. I’m growing outdoors, fabric grow pots, planted in composted horse manure and potting soil. My auto flowers are 11 days old so they are still fragile. It’s been storming everyday for the last 4 days so I’ve moved them under the roofline so they don’t get beat to death in the storms. Weather shows severe storms the majority of this week. I am going to need to bring them in the garage or they will get ruined. I don’t have grow lights but my garage has daylight fluorescent bulbs. What can I do to keep them going this week during these severe storms? (SE part of the Country).
Thanks for any advice ~

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Those fluorescent fixtures are great for seedlings but need to be approximately 6” above the seedlings. Do you know the wattage? I usually run the seedlings under a T5HO or T8 fixture at the height mentioned above :love_you_gesture:


Well, you can spend $100 on a small “real” grow light and have it Primed to your house. You’ll probably end up needing one in this hobby someday anyway.

Or you can take out all the bulbs in your garage except for one set, leave it on 24/7, and put your plants up on a ladder/scaffold up close. For free. Use the back of your hand at plant level to test the heat. Warm to you = warm to plants.

Or some financial variation between the two extremes :grin:

A week can turn into two, and even a week for a young auto can have some effect on end yield, so yeah, I’d say be sure to address it somehow.

EDIT: Amazon has a Mars Hydro TS1000 on sale with coupon for $99 right now. Tempting :thinking:


Awesome ~
They are T8 fixture with 32w. That’s the best I can do for now. Just for several days,
Thanks for replying!!! Greatly appreciated


Anytime Grow Bro, you can safely hang those around 8-10” :love_you_gesture: