Thunderfuck outdoor 1

Hi everyone, this is my thunderfuck born on April 20th, I wanted advice on what to do, considering that it still has about 80 days before being harvested, I’m cleaning the branches as the canopy grows, is that correct ??? ? I’m removing the weakest branches I don’t want 200 popcorn buds, I prefer 20 big buds, is that correct ??? in your opinion is it balanced or do I have to remove some more branches ?? Any others advices??? Thank you


Hi @haze1968 , that’s a pretty plant short n fat like you want them. It looks like you have it manicured good. I would just continue with what you are doing keep the lowest stuff and little extra in the middle clean so you’ll have plenty of airflow through the plant and you’re set. One more thing is pest control as it starts flowering it will smell more which attracts bugs and animals. Good luck and keep the pictures coming I’d like to see this one finish, I’m growing two Thunderfuck inside right now they’re still little and won’t get as big as yours


Nice plant bro keep up with wat Ur doin I would like to see it when it’s flowering I think you will have a good haul

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Good looking plant for sure! Very even clean canopy…
Happy growing everyone.

Dayuum that’s a fine looking plant! Great job :clap:

Lovely little bush! Should make some fine dope!

That looks really nice goodjob