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"I am utilizing drip irrigation ,spiral emitter lines on my no-till containers. Ranging from 15-25 gallons. 4 are black netpots, 8 are white radicle bags. I employ cover crops and straw as a mulch. I was watching videos where a bigger system is used with like at least 100 gallon pots. But how do we irrigate? Under the mulch? On top of mulch?

But won’t that lead to mildew/mold on the straw?

If the point is to block out the sun-how do we achieve healthy soil and avoid problems? The pictures show I use a little straw combined with cover crops like clover-during the season. And I rotate the off seasons crops. Next fall will be Mustard and Buckwheat,and Clover.
The summers here in California get hot. This current evolution uses a timer,irrigation tubing, and emitter lines. I feel I have solved the issues with water with this new irrigation setup/drip versus deluge from watering can, hose nozzle, etc. That can disrupt the top layer of the soil,organisms,etc.

My ask-Is this it? Should I be happy or content with providing moisture (at a drip rate vs strong, forceful spray from nozzle)?? I am aware that the strong nozzle spray does not mimic nature. But I am really worried about water reaching the soil at an efficient rate versus water just wasting. Too much mulch is counter-productive, no? Even if I dice and chop cover crop? Last year I chopped,but no dicing. Covered with homemade compost and Build a soil craft blend ferts. I have dry nutrients to add(This year I’d Build A Soil Re-amend mix)also a mix of chicken manure compost combined with earthworm castings,pumice, and the last of my craft blend bucket mixed in.
Is anyone else doing a setup similar?

Thanks in advance.
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Okay,so thinking out loud- I was worried about the number of stakes in the soil constantly being pulled up and out may disturb the top layer. Then I realized to apply top dressing,I may have to apply and massage in-between Tubing emitters?! Or every two weeks I do the process all over again? Hmmm.
Attitude is everything.
I have to ditch the dogmatic no till fears and just try hardest to feed and keep irrigated. I know with such small containers there is no getting around soil disturbances. Sh*t fire and save matches… Do I even go so far as to switch to smaller,directed sprayers,or cut back on the length of each spiral in a pot? When designing the emitter spirals-I allocated approx 7 feet for each container. Maybe cut back and go from a spiral to a big circle?Far enough from the base to encourage root growth, but not too far?! And of course finding room for mulch and a clover here and there. Hmmm

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If any good ideas are presented, I will hear them out.

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of all the things I have lost-I miss my mind the most…

Pulled the trigger and layered the pots in preparation for spring. Still no till,no disturbances other than moving container a few feet either way. I ended up chopping the cover crop, fertilizing the soil with re-amend from BAS, dicing the green manure in a separate tub,and then reapplying diced green manure in pots. Some were further doused with re-amend, then covered with a mix of cow manure compost and earthworm castings. Some received a sprinkle of Re-amend in the compost,and massaged in. Then I placed the irrigation on top of everything, and then covered in straw. I have been monitoring to make the proper saturation level. Currently the rain bird timer is kicking mon-wed-sat,at 15min a pop, 0600hrs
The emitter line is 12" apart,with approx 7 feet per pot/coil.
I decided to skip companion plants and cover with thick sheet of mulch/straw. The radicle bags are so porous-clovers and rye are growing out of the side!
Here goes nothin…

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