Thrown in the fire

Ok so I got threw in to the fire so to speak. I had someone that was doing everything I furnished the space. But now he’s going through a divorce and it’s a ugly one and doesn’t have the time energy nor nerves to come and finish this. I live in the deep south.

There 2 Giixer dual led full spectrum lights I dont know the size but says110 power draw

Theres 1 bigger light that has a cob in the middle with 4 other lights with 21 leds on each circle. No name Brand on it just bloom. Says full spectrum COB lED Grow light. I ha e all 3 lights on bloom switched to 12/12 a week ago. From what I read I gave them nut burn so I flushed with the flush that come with the box that’s here.
Temp is 79 day 73 night
Humidity 50 day 55 night.
1 osculating fan 1 vent fan and another fan.
It’s a mixture of perlite vermiculite sand and something else.
My question is do I need all 3 lights on

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the something else part of the soil equation is concerning. Its important to know your soil. As for the lights, they are blurple and not my fave. Ive never used blurple, but from what Ive read on the forums they can grow ok pot. The best thing to do is try switching the other 2 lamps off and see how the plants respond. If there is not enough intensity they should stretch, if there is too much they get super bushy and dense. Depending on your grow style and cieling height ??? Somewhere in the middle is what I aim for. Electricity aint cheap though, so why burn it if you dont have too right?

Its 8ft long 7ft tall 6 ft wide. I didnt mix any of this I’m trying to figure it out as I go. The big cobia blurple the other 2 are bright red. Pluthe big one puts off some heat. The temp will drop 5-7 degrees if i cut it off.

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Short answer is yes you need all 3, now that you’ve switched to flowering.