Thrips, week 5 into flower

5 week of flower, medium size thrips infestation.
What to do??


Have you tried Dr Earth? Its an all natural insecticide & can be used in flower. Or for a real bad infestation Azamax.


im not sure if i have this product in the middle east?!
do you know a product called confidor?

Buy some organic Neem oil. Use 1tbs per gallon of water and water the plant. Neem kills all parasites that jump on cannibis it also prevents mold ,fungus, and diseases. It is also beneficial to us. Antiseptic antifungal stomach ailments etc but tastes like a spoiled milk puke lol so don’t use close to flower. You apply once at about 3wks and again at 6-8 weeks and you will never have an issue with aforementioned. You’ll need to adj dosage for younger plants. The plant takes the neem up thru the roots and distributes it to every part of the plant with the utmost of efficiency. There is also no chance of light/chem burn due to residue on leaves. Do this and your thrips are history however bad the infection is. I’ve used it for 40+yrs after getting thrips and mites and other man made chems to control them. Good luck with whatever you do bro ! I’m going to wake and bake oh shit I am awake. Ok just continue the bake then lol :alien::+1:t4:

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Is it true? I allways do foliar spray. I have to study this and you tell this even helps mold… Its good news to me. Thank you.

What do the brown on this leave indicate? The only leaf that has it on 5 outdoor plants coming up on harvest time

Cold pressed organic Neem oil contains azadarachtin ( misspelled I’m sure ) a very potent and natural insecticide, anti parasitic , anti fungal ,antibacterial. In kills parasites and insects by driving them mad crazy and they die , some die almost immediately. Hot pressed neem oil reduces the amount of the active anti parasitic ingredients so therefore will not be as effective. I’ve never had mites mold fungus etc indoors or out using cold pressed organic neem oil. Oh add some molasses or honey to your water a week before harvest if you want a little sweeter taste.

@Sindog216 Ran across this looking for something else, but that pic above looks like phosphorus deficiency to me. I use liquid bone meal to correct