Thrips? Spider Mites?

I’m trying to identify these spots appearing on my leaves and would appreciate any help from more experienced growers. I’m thinking thrips or spider mites, based on other pictures I’ve seen online, but I’m not sure how to differentiate between them.


I have NO idea but something absolutely wrecked one of my kush leaves the night i left her outside. She is clean now. But mites normally leave whiteish holes. Not sure if that means thrips but ill post a pic of my damage. Id like to know the culprit myself

Looks like very early damage from thrips. Did you look under the leaves? That’s where thrips reside. They are small elongated bugs. Spider mites are very tiny and weave a very fine webbing.

I found no bugs. Except a pillar on my flowering girl. Juicy darker bugger. He died quickly.

Also i brought them in at the beginning of a windy storm. Think Mother Nature had my back

Ha! I was replying to @BP but I think it landed right as you posted. I don’t think thrips create holes clear through leaves as shown in your photo. Some of the damage on your leaves resemble leaf miner damage, but I can’t be sure.

Thanks anyway man. Whatever it was she wont be out over night again! :wink: