Thrips on my autos πŸ˜•

Hello! First time grower here. My 2 WW autos have thrips I’ve tried several different sprays (organic).
Last thing I used was neem oil & water, that seems to be working. The plants are about 12 weeks old. I feel like the flowering was compromised from the spray. Are these plants going to make it?? :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:

Are you harvesting for dried flower, concentrates, or edibles?

Great looking pool!!

Harvesting for dried flower.

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Good. And how much do you smoke/vape every day?

I’m asking because there are anecdotal accounts linking NEEM to hyperemesis syndrome, but mostly in concentrate products. You should be okay if you go easy on ingestion.

I would switch to peroxide/water washes, enzyme washes (like dr zymes), and biological controls like predatory insects for the remainder of this grow and and future grows. I’d also introduce beneficial companion plants to you lovely poolside patio.

If in fact your issue is thrips, you can use Typhlodromips swirskii mites to destroy them. You can keep the swirskii in your garden by planting ornamental peppers nearby, which produce an abundance of pollen, a secondary food source for the good mites.

@KeystoneCops do you know if NEEM oil remains essentially a topical application or is it ingested by the plant.
If solely or primarily topical, will a good peroxide wash clean the bud of NEEM?

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I do not know if it becomes, either whole or in part, systemic in the plant. My current procedure is to apply it to insects on companion plants, but never cannabis.

OK thanks.

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Thank you @KeystoneCops

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I would never spray buds with neem oil, gonna taste it and it’s not a good taste. I hate to spray buds with anything but if needed for pests, I’d use spinosad or azamax.

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