Thrip problem indoors

Any1 got a good method to get rid of thrips? Neem oil is not working, they are walking right through the oil, thought that was the go to. Really dont want to use de on indoor plants, really messy. Please help!

Captain jacks works well it’s one of the only recommended pesticides to use it doesn’t leave toxins on your plants add a little dawn dish soap a couple drops

How are you applying

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Foliar spray, just got done actually. This time i was extra heavy on it. Soil, stems and leafs and much of undercarriage as possible.

Did not add the dish soap, just read that too… i would think the jacks has what it needs, supposedly the dish soap in itself can work. That will be next lol…i was pretty heavy with it. First time it was heavy but not as heavy as just now. Had to make sure it would not hurt it. 1st application friday night, and just now 3 days later. Yes lights are off.

Just make sure to keep looking over your plants and don’t slack with the jacks he will do the job lol just staying consistent for a couple weeks should do it

So in your experience it takes a few rounds of it? How often were you using?

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All depends how bad the thrip issue is and how infested your plants are i caught them early on along with spider mites at the same dam time lol I sprayed every 3 to 4 days as what was recommended on the bottle I believe I sprayed for a total of 3 weeks just to be sure that all adults and eggs where dead i stoped spraying after not seeing anything for about a solid week I may have over done it idk but it definitely took care of the issues

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Lol thanks brother. I used two thirds of the bottle i got…looks like ill need more

I believe 1 bottle should do but its also prett cheap like $6 a bottle at home depot

I take one hand and start at the bottom and as I move up the plant I’m lifting the leaves while I spray underside

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I put a trash bag on top of my pot so it’s not all running in to my soil. You can also add a couple drops of Dawn dish soap works well

The neem oil is 2 Tbs per gallon I usually go 3

I got the premade stuff…from what i read it should not hurt the soil. People even mix it with the water i believe. But i sprayed the soil bc the eggs can fall to the soil.

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I do it because I have the dish soap in with the neem oil and when I feed it comes out in my runofff and the top foams that’s the all

Another good remedy uses household items 1 gallon water 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide 1/4 tsp Dawn dish soap 2tsp baking powder it works great if you follow through apply some as foilier spray

Im just going to hope the neem oil works. It has a few other good advantages. But thanks for the tip

So far this grow I’ve already had spider mites,thrips,ants,dead fruit beetle

Omg…you have my amazing luck. Did you loose some leaves in the process?

No leaf lose because I check my plants daily with a jewelers loop the thrips I caught like 2 days after they invaded the leaves looked like they had almost like dried snail slime they usually are on the lower leaves.

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