Thrichome amber cloudy %

Hey guys this is my first harvest ever. My ak47 is on week 10 there is some Amber but I would like to know what 20 to 40% Amber looks like if you guys have any pictures of that I will greatly appreciate it thanks peace

the higher your % the higher you will be



That makes it easy to remember :slight_smile:

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Is the percentage determined by the whole plant or by just the ones you see through the scope?

just in general


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Oh ok thanks :v:

Congratulations on your First Harvest! :thumbsup: …put some pics up if you can

keep your eye on it because some plants can turn Amber very quickly

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Thanks @Paranorman, I am super excited and scared at the same time lol. Is the 48 hour darkness necessary? I didn’t know I was able to zoom in with my scope so I kept seeing milky but now that I just found out that I could zoom now I am able to see the amber and it looks like in the 30% amber range and this is perfect for me. Now my question is Do I harvest her now at my ideal amber % or do I still have to put her in darkness before I harvest her, also what does the darkness do? Sorry new grower here

You don’t have to put any plant in the dark

If you like where it is now, and you say you do, I would suggest you harvest it now

  • best wishes

Thanks I will I had her on dark since this late morning since I wasn’t sure I will thanks

I mean, you can finish a dark period, but you’re going to have more Amber then when you put it in ?

I chopped her down well just the cola I will leave the rest under light maybe till tomorrow here is a pic of just the cola on my lap

here is the rest of the plant


NICE :+1: job
Looks wonderful I’m jelly lmao :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks. My first harvest ever

Really nobody would know if you showed them that lol
I bow :bowing_man: to you sir :+1:

Thanks I am trimming and hanging as we speak but I have no clue what to do with the main I trim and hanger to or do I have to break it up Then trim then hang?

Beginners luck. I regret not dialing anything

I would hang the whole thing but I’m no expert lol
Seems it would be a shame to have to cut it up it is a monster

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Oops Yeah that’s what I was thinking too I only cut down two side ones I’ll hang the remaining


You sure that’s not trick photography!!! That thing looks like a monster. Great job for your first harvest or any harvest for that mater.You need to enter that in BUD of THE Mounth.You have my vote.