Three Weeks Old: Going Nowhere

Are you watering with low ph due to high runoff, otherwise thats the problem your ph should be 6.8 in ffof @ErnieX I know I told you half strength, it may be time to increase. This I do need to tag garrigan62 for though.

@garrigan62 how is the white widow with cal mag uptake does it take more than usual or less than usual, or same amount as most plants

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pH watering low because didn’t think the roots had gotten into the FFHF yet from the seedless medium. Will wait for instructions.

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Ok will has you in great hands I gotta take off im sorry buddy if I had more time id help

Hey, no sweat, appreciate the help.

i’ve heard more cal/mag @Majiktoker for WW

For the few next watering, PH’d your water at 7 , until your runoff as reach between 6.5 and 6.8. Let your soil dry too, you overwatering a little, wait until 1 inch in the top soil is dry, ok @ErnieX :grinning: The disponibility of calcium and magnesium are at PH between 6.5 and 7 in soil for plants.

And a ppm reading with a TDS meter will help too.

Hoping that’s helping you a little :grinning::innocent:

~Al :v: :innocent:

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Thanks @Niala Should I give it some CalMag with each watering?

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No, not at each watering, otherwise you gone a have build up of cal mag and cause other problems , just 1 of 2 watering (feed water water etc.)

And you’re welcome @ErnieX, it’s always a pleasure to help a fellow grower :grinning: :innocent:

~Al :v: :innocent: