Three week old red haired stranger, veggie leaf

Does a female plant have the this young?

Add pictures

Pictures I got nothing otherwise.

Ahhhh, that title reminds me of my son. :grin:

Yep, can’t tell what you’re describing/asking without pics. When the forum drops the restriction on your account (since you’re new…it’s to weed out spam) post a couple clear shots in natural light, and we’ll help you out, best we can! Welcome to ILGM! :v:

I would send a picture, but I can’t figure out how, itryed but it does not send, something about address

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Welcome to the forum @Ron2 . When sending or typing a message on here . Down bottom of page on right hand side there’s two boxes . One looks like a monitor or Tv . The other looks like a landscape picture ( photo ) . When you have taken the picture and save it . Somewhere down the bottom it’ll show a loading percentage % . Don’t type anything or do anything until after it has uploaded . This should help you out .