Three leaves hiccup


I have no idea what is lately happen.
This is OG lemon in pot coir using wek.
First it took 3weeks to germinate, now this grow is two weeks old.
Lights - led grow
Should i just forget and try another seed? And I’m not talking the three leaves, i know that it happens sometimes.
Appreciate advice.


Just let grow it looks great for a seedling .


I agree with @yoshi.

Thank you Yoshi



So far nothing happens, still same size. I have grown 3 previously and this is a third seedling which will not grow up.
Perhaps the storage of the seedlings at the dispensary may have to do something with that.


I think it’s a random genetic thing honestly. I had a seed once that sprouted with 3 leaves too, and it didn’t turn out well at all! And before that, I read about a guy that had a 3 leaf sprout and said after growing it he would always kill any 3 leaf sprout that came next. Lol I’m waiting to see someone who grows a successful three leaf sprout.


In Both picts I see ,It looks like it’s way to wet …If you can add more drain holes .'carefully. add small fan to get the air moveing …Not sure what wek is ?? , but don’t add any nutes at this stage anyhow …itll get more than enough from the soil …Hammer


It looks wet because i just give little spray on it.
This is 3 weeks old. Did not grow up at all.
Looks like i may have to give up on this one.


Okay ,Tell me about that soil …a few things caught my eye… and in the last pict .if that’s not over watered look .then id say its soil ,"most likely " but could be genetics …but it looks like ph or burn going on …and all three i mentioned will cause stunted growth … can you get Pro Mix ,BX …?? its a semi soiless mix ive had excellent results with… Hammer


Hi Hammer, the soil is just plain ( no nutrients) soil mix with Perlite and some coir peat, light is led 18/6 and just water.
I left alone now, will try another seed.
Melbourne because it’s auto strain ( OG lemon hase).