Three leaf plant. What can I expect?


OK, I am reaching out on this one. These are pics of a clone that was taken during flower. It was a small cutting that has grown, but all the leaf fans are 3 leafs. It is currently in veg, and has not come out of this three leaf structure the whole time. I am at odds as to what to do with this plant, or am I asking for trouble? It is a first generation clone, and has never produced a single five leaf fan. So, has anyone had this, and should I continue, and flip this into flower? My plan was to monster crop this on a scrog, and let it continue to veg and fill out the scrog. But I don’t want to waste the time if all it will produce is a hermie. It is in FFOF and Promix, (1:2). Temps and pH have been monitored the whole time. Lights are LED on a 18-6 schedule. It is now in a 5 gal pot, and growing. Notice the close up and the leafs acting like they are in bloom. Neuts have been given conservatively. Mostly (Advanced Neuts). Feed-water-feed. Any input would be appreciated… Thanks!


You’re good… clones taken during flower sometimes will keep doing 1 or 3 leafs. It mainly depends on the strains on how they pull out of it, or stay in it. Putting her into flower will be fine because she has been vegging a while.
There are many mother plants that were once clones themselves that still have 3 leafs, but their cuttings/clones veg and flower up nicely.

I should add it is the sativa dominate plants that have a harder time with this issue.


Seems to me like that particular plant has a very strong desire to flower. I would not worry too much . Go ahead with the scrog , I have a feeling she will produce nicely.


@ LF-the-OG; @mountainman1: Thank you both for your replies. The strain is Master Kush, (Indica). I will keep watching closely as I plan for this plant growing in a manner that will fill a 4x4 area in time. Thanks again for the input. I will try to keep a pictorial record of the progress…