Three Leaf Fans vs. 5/7 Leaf Fans

This is my first grow. I have several different strains going in a few tents. For the most part things seem to be going well, but I’m having a potential issue with one of my Pineapple Glue Autos.

I germinated and planted the seeds 54 days ago (Pics below are from Day 48. Not much has changed.). These two plants are the same strain and have been cared for in the exact same way. The one on the right seems to be developing normally. They’re both about a week and a half into flower when I took this pic. The plant on the left only has three leaves on all of the fans. The leaves are also darker, and shiny which I’ve read could be from too much nitrogen. Since this pic, I have flushed with just RO water twice and then fed with the bloom nutes I’ve been using on the other plant. No Nitrogen in in the mix. She looks healthier now, but still dark three leaved fans.

Here is a pic from this morning (Day 54). Six days since the pic above. These plants should be two weeks away from harvest according to what I’ve read about Pineapple Glue Autos. These are literally the first plants that I have ever had in flower, so I am a complete newb. I’m concerned that the buds still seem very small and not stacked up like I see in YouTube videos of the same strain at this point. Am I doing something wrong, or is this about right? The plants just seem very small and so do the buds.

Planted in 5 gallon fabric pot. Fox Farms Happy Frog Potting Soil. Currently only feeding with General Hydroponics FloraBloom 0-5-4 every 3 days. No nutes until 6 weeks. One round of GH Veg mixture (2 tsps each of Grow/Micro/Bloom per gallon). That’s when the plant on the left started showing signs of nitrogen toxicity, so I cut out nitrogen completely.
All watering/feeding has been Phed to 6.5.

Lighting is a King LED 1200W, running on 18/6. 36" above. Keeping RH at 45%, and temp at 78 degrees F.

I would love to hear the thoughts of some folks that actually know what they’re doing.


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Welcome ! keep taking care of those autos. You still have probably 7 weeks for the buds to develop. The Breeders guide is just an estimate. As far as looking different ,genetics plays a lot in that role. They will fill out an mature. Good luck with your grow.

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Thank you! I’ve been stressing for the last week, when I read that PGA should be ready for harvest in 70 days. They just seem nowhere near ready for harvest.

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Plenty of time yet to grow and swell. I’d say 100 percent genetic issue. Looking good.


Thanks! So glad I posted. I was really stressing myself out.

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How are your other tents doing? Are they all autos? If so, what size are they? Some run small.

These are my only two autos. They’re in a 4x8 tent. The rest of the tent is filled with Grapefruit Kush photos. That’s why the scrog net is up in the second picture. The GFK plants have all reached the point where I need to start spreading the tops. Everything in the tent is very healthy and strong. It’s just that one Pineapple Glue that doesn’t look healthy to me. It’s bud production is about the same as the other PGA, but the plant itself looks very different.

Nice work you got a long way to go they will really put on weight in mid flower

On your king led what is the actual consumption from the wall ?

Feed light with ffof soil because the nutes last a long time in that mix i had to do 1/2 or 1/4 strength on my nutes with that media i also flushed twice in flower

Don’t forget to get calibration solutions for the ph meter and check it and calibrate it expensive lessons learned from not doing this
Hope this helps good luck your on the right track

Also might want to make individual sog/scog incase of a toxicity or ph problem and need to flush not fun using a shop vac and flush in a tent

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Same exact thing is happening to me as well. Only a different strain (Dee-Lite Auto). Everything is the exact same and I have 5 leaves on one plant and 3 on the other. Both are doing well. As far as watching videos of other people’s stuff and freaking out because it’s not the same as yours, just do what you need to do and have patience. Ask 50 people a simple question and you’ll get 50 different answers. That’s why I stopped watching that stuff. I used all the fancy expensive stuff and did not have good results. Now i’m using Miracle Grow, a little Pearlite, a little lime (one time only) and distilled water and i’m having great results so far. To those who answered this question about the leaves, thank you.