Thoughts please 1st timer


These are my girls. Planted around August 23 (I don’t have my notes handy). Notice the rusty spots on some of the leaves? What is it? How to get rid of it.
Now looking at the plants, what phase of development would u say they are in? Any other advise appreciated.


Maybe a calmag issue not sure without a better pic. Other then that nice plants really good looking.


I agree, hard to tell from lighting and angles but rusty looking spots are often calmag issues. What are you using for water? Most tap water contains enough that it’s not an issue. But if you’re ppm is low, or you’re using ro, distilled, or filtered water some calmag typically needs to be added.


As for stage of development, all of your plants are in the vegetative phase.


Maybe you can LST them to get more light on the lower part of the plant, wach some videos on YouTube about LST technique :wink:.
Just my opinion :sunglasses:


Try to get a clear pic of the spots on just 1 leaf for diagnosis .


OK…I’ll be going home around 4 pm central time. I’ll pull one of the
girls out and get a good shot. Thank you all for the advise and
comments…I wake up during the night to go mist them with water…Is
this NORMAL?


At this point I would just water them and stop misting as that type of moisture has the possibility of help to promote mold



Standing water on the leaves from misting can cause “lensing”, like a magnifying glass and burn leaves in those spots. That could account for your brown spots.

Also, when you take a picture of the leaf; post it without any others. That way we can zoom in.


Will do MyFriend…I would have NEVER thought of the standing water on
the leaves actually damaging them…I have just gotten in the habit of
waking up all dang night to check on my girls…when I’d go check, i’d
always mist them with Ph balanced H2O.