Thoughts on when to Harvest


Anyone want to hazard a guess when I should start to flush these.
Its been along time since I was at this stage and would like other opinions.
They are now about half cloudy with one or two amber here and there.


I’m not seeing many white pistils, if any really. Which would make me think you should be flushing now because she’s probably close to done.

BUT, I would recommend getting a jewelers loupe or microscope to check the trichomes. This will give you a better idea of when to flush and harvest.

Can you show a pic of the entire plant? Not just one bud, I’d like to see the entire thing if possible.


yep I didn’t notice 2 of the pics are the same and 3 the same bud
I will take some picks tomorrow
The trichomes are still mostly clear but you are right its close


LOOKIN GREAT! I want to harvest those babies myself RIGHT NOW LOL



lol as do I


Ya yours look better than mine,i have a couple more weeks but to compare our 2 looks like they are from different planets. Lol What strain is yours and what is the light source? Im guessing they are a strawberry strain but im a noob, thats why i dont have harvest advise. Only thing i hear consistently is look at the triches and when 50% are cloudy or amber you should leaves lights out for 24-48 hours then go choppin and hanging to dry.But since noone looking at your pics can see trichomes with the naked eye , you may not get a str8 answer


Now you can say "DAMN mine do look pretty awesome compared to that " lol Yours looks like its gonna taste better also.Looks like dessert to me :grinning:


I dont know what mine is I am guessing its white widow from this site or it could be gold leaf but it looks more the first one.
I grew under a cheap china 1200W LED but I changed 20 or so LEDs on it to fine tune the spectrum
I added some deep reds, white and IR LEDs after reading a few studies on effects of spectrums on plants.
I have lots of spare time I am disabled atm :slight_smile:
Your look like mine did so given time they will catch up.
I have a custom LED light coming for my next grow with the same light spectrum setup
I will try get some one to move the plants for me so I can get better pics tomorrow I cant lift them.


Changed out the lEDs? Very interesting, i was just wondering the same thing about my lights spectrum but im sure they are fine (2 -300w Mars Hydros) but if i do get a cheaper light i know now i could tinker with it like you did,well then i would be worried i would burn my house down lol. Where is your custom light comin from (company)?Mine that are in the pics are White Widows from ILGM. I also have Pineapple Haze, New York Auto and Green Crack all going in different phases .Tryin to get a good cycle of flavors available ,everyday FOREVER Lol


I got a cheap LED and wasnt very happy with it at all
It was hot, loud and had way too much blue then what is needed
but it was a cheap light and you get what you pay for.
I was frightened it was going to catch fire so I pulled it apart and refitted it.
Better faster and quieter fans then I changed LEDs for more red and added 4 IR LEDs
This is it last grow and it will become a 4 or 5 cob LED when I finish my current project.
Most LED sellers will customize an LED if you ask and you are happy to wait + pay extra.
There is a guy I was been watching who sells a good light but I cant get him to send to where I
live so I coppied him idea.
Look him up on youtube growpotcheaply or some thing like that.


I try to shoot for 50/50 or 25/75 amber😀 it:s really up to you
By the way. Your pic would make an awesome background on your desktop :grinning:



Its harder enough getting things don’t solid couch lock isn’t helpful
I was thinking 25% amber but I will do some home work on that.
I cant have it as a back ground noone I live with knows :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Super Stealth Grow
I think I will start the flush tomorrow its day 60 then and I need some of the parts for my next area soon.


Here is mine at about the same stage as yours and Damn yours look better then mine did :blush:
(Old Camera cant balance the color as well as the new one)


Got a wider pic I cant move the plants I cant get down to them let alone get back up :slight_smile:
I think it has a bit longer still a few clear trichomes and only one or two amber here and there.
I am lowering the nutes to 600 ppm to get ready for flush.
Will recheck Saturday


Very nice! What nutes are you running?


GH 3 part
Gerry rigged Liquid Koolbloom
Espson salt
Koolbloom dry
Hydrogen peroxide
I kept it under 990 ppm mostly around 600 when I could.
I was going to use a silica but could get one in time.
I am 4 hours from a hydro store.
I have done this before about 20 years ago alot and its like riding a bike but hurt less and I
love gardening.


Id say start flush and if you dont think there ready after your flush keep giving PHed water till they are they LOOOOOOOK GREEAATT GOOD JOB!!!


I feed once per day except tuesday and fridays they are dry out days.
I have a spreadsheet with every thing i did and when plus min max temps and humidity.
I kept records of ppm in and out as well as ph
Lol i don’t like mess or being unorganized.
But it is time to flush there shold be a good reserve of in the plants to hold them over


So true my thoughts exactly