Thoughts on vipar spectra maxi sun and king led

I would try photos you get more time in veg to top and LST any mistakes can be corrected before flip


@dirtydave thats what I did before was photos well did a few runs and it was good just wanted to try something different


@Graysin is doing a auto grow with grow dots it’s looking pretty trouble free may want to check out his grow

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@dirtydave ya I’m trying to figure out how to look at his stuff @Graysin any info knowledge is helpful bro :sunglasses: I try to learn everything about growing :fire::fire::fire::100::pray::pray::muscle:

Tap on @Graysin look on his page for Jack’s vs dots

I got y’all

Find it here

FYI the dots seem super legit, I’m so pumped.


@Graysin sounds legit man I’m just having trouble with the autos only second run my yeild just isn’t there quality sure is just gotta figure out what I’m doing wrong

I needed some lights so I picked up a Bestva 600 and a King Plus 600. After they served their original purpose I put them to work in some unused space (AKA bathroom)

On the left is a little 32w FEIT I used for starting seeds. On the right leaning against the rear upright is a 48" Kind Flower Bar (I think 60w)
I used this combination of lights to grow this Jack Herer auto. Draw power adds up to 345w+_ over the 2x2 frame

Next time I used the space I scrapped the blurples and hung a 400w Sonofarm

mid harvest purple kush photo


@beardless nice man any advice man my yields jus aren’t there I don’t get it. Ya the king 1000 watt I have is decent.

So some of this is technique: you’ll figure out over time. Some of it though is light. Without adequate light of correct spectrum you will have loose airy flower with little weight to the colas. @beardless is running a high DLI (Daily Light Integral) and it shows in the flower.

Good lights are expensive up front but pay back in yield and cost of use.

Just under a pound of flower: indoor diy (outside for pictures) lights, Promix HP, GH nutes. Plant is 34 inches tall.

At peak the lights were around 220 watts: about 85% of full draw. I couldn’t do that with double the wattage of other lights. They’re that good.


@Myfriendis410 @beardless ya I’m new to autos maybe I was thinking not enough light I have 5 autos in a 2x4 in 3 gallon pots. I use pro mix too and used some roots organic dry amendments also put azos and mykos in soil. When dry amendments ran out in using the fox farm tiger bloom and big loom I think it’s called. Also use Mammoth P I’m thinking I need more light

@Myfriendis410 what kind of lights are u using

A lot of it may have to do with space. Remember the yield that most seed banks quote is for one square meter, or more like 11 square feet. I would have to use 2/3rds of my 4x4 to hit that kind of yield. Plus train the plant perfectly and otherwise give it professional growing conditions.

I average about 2-2.5 ounces per 1x1 space on an autoflower or photoperiod - doesn’t seem to matter. What does is whether the genetics support a larger yield (I.e. if it’s max is 400g for a square meter, I’d probably only get 1.25 ounces) and the amount of space you have to grow in.

What you can do is maximize what you have - give her the best possible conditions - given the amount of space you’ve got to work with.

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@Myfriendis410 do you think that’s to much plants in the tent I’m only averaging a oz per plant less than that last time was only 40 grams for 2 plants.

@Myfriendis410 i feel like I should be getting Atleast 2 to 3 oz of each plant

I built them a few years ago with help from here. They are Gen 1 Samsung EB strips with a Meanwell driver on heatsink material I had on hand.

Current model lights from Horticulture Lighting Group are superior to mine as they are newer gen Samsung diodes. (Rightbud has a sale ending tomorrow fyi).

Here’s a shot of mine:

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Viparspectra lights are good lights specially there newer lights there older lights arent to bad either

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Ya I have a 600 watt vipar with veg and bloom switch and a300 watt vipar but in tent I’m using 1000 watt maxisun pb pro and a king 1000 watt @Aussie_autos. Any info on growing to much would help man I’m growing autos

What size pots you growing in?

Autos can give good yeilds but 5gal pots or bigger and lots of LST to spread them out and keep them even is a must for good yeilds with autoflowers.
Plant straight in big pot or start in solo cup but transplant into big pot before you would a photo, don’t let it fill the cup with roots so as to stress it as little as possible…
I got over 2½lbs off 3 autos in 5gal grow bags.
3 of the same strain grew the same time in 3gal plastic pots got me about 4oz each so pot size I believe is huge and the bags over plastics helps alot as well for healthier root systems…

Autos can produce if you get it right and frustrated the crap out of you if you don’t.
I’ll be lucky if I get 8oz total from the 3 I got going now, I didn’t get it right this time :rofl:

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