Thoughts on very slow growth as a seedling

Four different strains, all autos, all treated exactly the same. Water cup, then 1/2in into FFOF soil. Same watering and lighting schedule. I’m assuming this may just be a result of less than ideal genetics for this little one?

I guess I’m just going to let it ride to see what happens, but at this rate I kinda feel it’s a complete loss. The one that’s tiny is a Gorilla Glue. The others are Sour Diesel, Bruce Banner, and Girl Scout Cookies.


Just a slow stater. Let it roll. It’s green and growing, it may be a super intelligent plant and just getting its root foundation established before showing off above ground. :wink:


Do you remember the story of the UGLY duckling??? Be patient she might just be your best girl.


Never talk bad about small plants.

The plant (WW) on the right is one week younger than the one on the left.

GG on the left and WW on the right. :point_down:t2:


And today :point_down:t2:

At one point I just about gave up on her. At 5 weeks, she didn’t even hardly have 3 nodes.

Be patient. Good luck and keep’em growin!


Your in for a treat, looks like my WW i just harvested.
This pic from sept.

This one just before harvest.

WW can give you some fat colas.


It’s amazing how different they can grow. This is my first WW.

I’ve seen a lot of different looking WW’s on here. All have been beautiful and My wife loves the high. :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


This was my 1st WW


Wow! Ok thanks for the feedback! I’ll let it ride and see how she does!


Beautiful!! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


My small auto runt of the litter plant is now the biggest at almost harvest time. I wouldn’t sweat it if one is slower.


My last run of autos were started at the same time (GSC, Banner, GG4).
The GG4 lagged, slow starter, doubled veg time (looking yellowish all the while).
GSC finished first around 70 days, got 2.5 zips trimmed.
Banner finished 2 weeks later, 4.2 zips trimmed.
GG4 on day 105, just flushed her, cutting Sunday, expecting 8 zips.
The ugly duckling ends out being the best of the bunch.

Similar situation with my auto do si dos. The top one is small, compared to the other. The one on the bottom is the one that I topped because it seemed more ready to handle the stress.

These two are a bit more dramatic. Both in the same conditions. Both are Godfather OG (not autos). I’m thinking of manifolding the top one.

Ok so now I’m entering the 5th week since the seeds were planted. I can’t fathom this little one is still going to catch up at this rate, no?